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I feel like there’s nobody there for me and I have to deal with my emotions alone so I won’t be a burden to others

Hey friend,

Thank you for sharing!

I think most of us deal with that fear of being a burden for others sometimes. It can be because we don’t want to worry people or even because we’re scared that other’s reactions may do more harm than good. Sometimes a fear of rejection and potentially so many other reasons… And that totally understandable. Sharing about how we feel, showing some vulnerability, feels like jumping into the unknown and uncertainty. So it’s indeed scary.

But I’d like to emphasize the fact this fear shouldn’t let you think that you have to deal alone with your emotions or like nobody’s here for you. First, I want you to know that this community is here for you. And it will still be the case anytime you need. There are many people here who would be glad to know more about you, about what you’re going through and give you the support you need. For one simple but how important reason: because you matter and what you’re feeling is important. :heart:

Also, I don’t know if your relatives told you if they don’t care about you or if it’s only that inner-hateful voice that makes you feel that way (we all know that one!). But when we think about sharing about how we feel, we tend to think about every negative consequence possible without considering the fact it can goes well. So it can feel like we have to overcome a mountain, we end in not trying to share anything at all and we feel alone. Thankfully, depending on your actual relationships and the trust you put in it, reality is, most of the time, way brighter than we thought.

So as I don’t know if you can reach out to someone, if you know someone you trust enough or not, I really don’t want to sound like I’d be pushing you to talk if you don’t want to. The thing I really want you to know is that you are not alone. You’ll always be free to share anything you want here. It’s a safe place, you won’t be judged and we care about you. :wink:

Hold fast. :heart:

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Hey friend,
You are definitely not alone or a burden. Emotions can be really hard to deal with. Know that you are loved and supported on the good and the bad days, like right now. Love you, seriously. Thank you for being bold and honest to share your feelings here. Your thoughts are valuable. I encourage you to remind yourself how much you matter. You are a living, breathing, soul with a heart and someone we want to know in the Heart Support community. We hear you. We see you. Hold fast.

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I know exactly what that feels like… you feel like a burden sometimes and don’t want to constantly talk about your emotions. I myself am always sad or angry it seems… I always have these thoughts of just leaving everyone and my family because they would be better off with out me… if you ever need anyone to talk to my number is 9785040134 also my Facebook is Laura Mahoney I have a page called keep on keepin on too