All my friends are gone and everyone hates me

All my friends are gone this year. They were great friends and I couldn’t meet anyone as nice to hang out with as them. I can still chat online but it’s not the same. I’m alone in the real world. And it’s now hard as ever to find friends I can relate to. There are a few people near me who are nice but I don’t have any friends. Maybe it’s because everyone hates me now. “Get away from me you disgusting furry!” “I would, but you know, you’re a stupid furry.” Do they really have to assume everything is sexual? And they assume I’m gay. I’m not gay. Furry and gay are not the same thing. I can’t find any people who are any similar to me. And when I did meet someone who was similar to me, they pushed me away. What did I do wrong? I can’t make any friends anymore. I feel so alone. And everyone hates me for who I am. Why can’t heartsupport be in the real world?


Hi Swix. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am sorry you feel so alone. I know that when we have specific interests that are not what majority of people considers fun or “normal” they tend to exclude us. I have a froup of friends but we are not as close as we once were and I also struggled with the fact that I liked some things that they considered weird (like anime and metal music). They made fun of me because of that. I dont blame them, but it would have been nice if they just gave those things a try before judging them.

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“Get away from me you disgusting furry!” “I would, but you know, you’re a stupid furry.” Do they really have to assume everything is sexual?
[/quote] I am not a furry but I know the feeling. “You like anime? So you watch hentai. You are weird.” Yeah… That happened. A lot of people like to put others down because they want to feel like they are above them. Dont try to rationalise with this kind of people. They dont care if they are right they want to feel empowered.
I know that there are some kind of conventions where people who like to dress up as furries go to. Do you know any? If so, try to make some friends there. Try to actively look for the people who you would like to be friends with. My old friend group did not want to play DnD with me, so I found a group of people online and we play every Saturday now. There are people who would like to have you as a friend. You just have to find them. :wink:


i posted recently an answer I had to this thought.

To say that no-one likes us or loves us is to say that there is something so unique about us, that the whole world, all different nations and creeds and religions and viewpoints have all agreed that we, one singular person, is not to be loved by any one of the billions of people living on earth. Do you see how impossible it is that we can be the one person against billions who is deemed to be the one not to love?

You had some great friends who you won’t be around. That doesn’t mean that the affection and care has disappeared. It just means there is some physical distance between you now, which can be hard to deal with, yes.

For “furry” to even be a thing, that means there had to be enough people into it for it to form a group, a category. You just haven’t met any of them yet. Your friends who say these means things are probably younger folks as well, and may also be struggling and discovering what they’re into as well, it’s easy to be defensive when you’re confused. Try to not take it too personally, and remember that everyone is struggling with their own issues.

wishing you well friend. You met a great group of friends, see how you can continue that friendship online!


You haven’t done anything wrong. You are not wrong for being you! Your identity is not hurting anyone. What these people say is incredibly mean, hateful, and only shows how limited their perception is.

Why can’t heartsupport be in the real world?

I share that feeling. But you know, somehow all of us here carry a part of who we are and what we learn into the “real world” too. And, none of what happened here is out of the world. It’s just a different way to communicate. But we are very real humans that you could have met “in real life”. Internet and sharing the same interests/struggles just happened to make it easier to connect with each other.

I would really echo @Ashwell advice regarding conventions and online groups. It may be online at first, but it can also bring to more local meetings too.

I promise you that not everyone hates you. It’s just that many people prefer to reject and criticize what they don’t understand. It only means that THEY are not your people. Not the opposite.

You being you, is more than enough. You are loved, even when you feel alone. The words these people say will never be able to change that truth. :hrtlegolove:


Hey Swix! I have a similar situation as well. Me and my best friends all go to different schools now. It hasn’t been exactly the same since we all stopped seeing each other everyday. However, I keep up with them pretty regularly online. Whenever we get the chance to hang out, we do!

I agree- it’s NOT the same. But here’s a possible solution:

Find a lonely or nice kid and strike up a conversation! Most people will respond to a person that’s talking to them. Than you can show that person friendliness you had with seeing your friends everyday.


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