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Almost just did suicide. Please help me calm down

Help. Please. I am almost gone. Please help me hang on to life. Reply ASAP PLEASE!


Hey what’s wrong are you safe right now?

Life is so bad… I am trying to keep this smaller. I am not feeling ok right now. My CO of this one group had to calm me down enough to post this. My body is shaking so bad. I am not ok.

Take deep breaths, and try to focus your attention on slowing your breathing. What matters most right now is calming down and relaxing your body.

I am starting to slow down… Its decreasing in shakyness.

Edit at XX:27.
Cancel that.

Its at a calm-ish point now.

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Good, idk what happened, but I dont think it’s good to talk about it until you are sure you’ll be okay, I’d suggest resting, or try distracting yourself. That’s what I’ve been doing today.

Hey @Cjkid! Just dropping in to make sure you’re still doing okay :slight_smile:


I am doing ok now… My life is no longer in immediate danger.

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Sorry I went to bed.