Alone in a room full of people

I’m in a school cafeteria, but I’m alone. I have no one to turn to. people hate me. I really should just leave and never return…

Try to start talking to people from your classes. Otherwise, you right now, try putting some headphones in and listening to the truth audios in the HeartSupport app, and join our discord to chat with people on there in this community!

Hold Fast

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You just need one person that you can trust and turn too, right now you have all of us on here. For lots of people, friendship seems to come easy; for some of us, making a single friend can feel like an entire endeavor. You might not be knowingly blocking yourself from meeting new friends. A good way I make new friends is by joing clubs or activities I like and just starting a friendly conversation with people. It only takes a hello to start a friendship, it does tend to sound easier than it is if you tend to not like being social but just push yourself a little bit and you’d be supportive by how many people you’ll meet. In the mean time you still have all of us!

Making friends and finding some to trust is difficult. Most if not nearly everyone here struggles with that. Have you thought about doing clubs or activities at school? Just know that no matter what we truly care about you.

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Does everyone hate you or just people that were your friends or something or is that what you think?