Alone, Scared, disconnected and stuck

(18 Male)

My whole life I’ve been quiet and somewhat disconnected to those around me I have friends and all however, I cant help but feel different from them and others generally. I have a growing pain of loneliness feeling as if I’ll never meet someone and find love. I’m 18 never kissed a girl, never had a girlfriend never got to know a girl but also never got to experience what being loved feels like, I cant help but feel I’ll never meet someone and be happy. I have made efforts to situate myself where my confidence can grow and I have seen improvements, I was also forced to open up to my parents after breaking down in front of them. Regardless of the improvements and the opening up this sense of loneliness is still an ongoing problem and causes periods of darkness of which I find hard to deal with. (these times are usually during times that I am alone and when my life isn’t busy)

If you read this thank you and if you have any possible advice the feedback would be appreciated.



Loneliness comes and go. You must reach out as many loved ones as you can to tell them of what it is going on with you. One at a time. Don’t isolate yourself. It is going to get worse. I had been there. I’m sorry you are in a dark season. I hope you will get out of it. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

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I have been and still am in a similar situation myself, so i know how you feel. Something that have helped me through loneliness a lot of times after i opened up to my friends about it is reminding myself that love can come in many different forms. And just the fact that you have started taking steps towards improving your confidence is great! It’s also important to remember that it’ll not always be this bad forever, you’re still young and have lots of time ahead of you to find someone that’ll love you and i’m sure you will find the love you’re looking for!

However i will speak from personal experience and say that the feeling probably will never fully go away. I started acknowledging this problem when i was 16, so about 6 years ago and i still struggle badly with it in periods. But just doing things like talking with friends, family or others will help greatly and also learning to live with it is what helped me at least. So keep on fighting, keep staying strong and keep your head up high and you will come out of this as a winner!