Am I even real?

The other day i was just randomally doing stuff on my phone then out of no where I just had like this panic attack but it felt like I was in a loop 9r a never ending tunnel I was grabbing onto my self I felt like I was gonna lose my self (I don’t know how to explain it) then st times when I’m walking it’ll feel like I’m walking my self or like I’m a robot I didn’t feel in my bloody I hate it am I real? Am I just a robot being controlled


Hey there @Jay, I struggle with this feeling too, all the time. You are 100% real, you completely exist, and you’re definitely not a robot. When I feel this way I usually listen to a song I really like or try to distract myself by doing other things. One tip I have is try to keep your eyes moving, like playing a game or watching something, so you don’t space out and make that feeling worse. Try to avoid anything creepy or horror-y that could make you panic because that can make it worse. Try to keep calm as best you can and just keep reminding yourself that you are real. Let me know if you need anything, I’m always around. :hrtlegolove:


Hey @Jay,

It sounds a little bit like some kind of dissociation, like depersonalization. At least, that’s how I’ve been experiencing it. Feeling like I’m not real, like I’m not really into my body or feeling anything. A little bit like you’re observing yourself with a distance, like you’re detached from yourself and it’s hard to ground yourself in your own body, so everything you do feels automatic.

Those kind of experiences can be very disturbing at first and it’s really hard to describe it. But it doesn’t last, and reminding yourself that you’ll be okay is important when you feel like having a panic attack too. Things that can help sometimes are techniques to ground yourself, or doing something that would make you physically active, so you can focus on your physical senses a little more. Even just having a walk outside and trying to be aware of how it feels in your body, trying to sense the air outside and to acknowledge what’s going on around you, can have marvelous effects and reduce this feeling of being detached.

You’re 100% real, friend. But as you’ve experienced some things that were objectively traumatic, then it’s possible that your mind is trying to protect you sometimes, also that your anxiety feels a little more intense. If you can, it would be awesome to try to talk about it to a counselor or to your support group. You’re not alone. And there’s nothing wrong about you. :hrtlegolove:

Thank you do you know of any support groups

Hi @Jay!

I want to support the other responses who’ve mentioned that your experiences sounds like depersonalization. I struggled with this for most of 2012-2013. It’s an odd way of anxiety trying to force your mind to distance itself from the physical panic attack symptoms that you’re experiencing (or, for me, generalized anxiety disorder [GAD]). There are tons of online support groups (like HeartSupport) but I know there are in-person support groups too. I would recommend Googling if there are groups in your area.

Hold fast, friend. We believe in you. :slight_smile:



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