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Am I just being bitter or is this normal

So I’ve seen at least 5 people I know from high school get engaged this year and I’m only 20. And I even got to see my best friend get proposed to in March and by July she had moved in with her fiance. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to process sexual assault and deal with the anger and resentment from getting out of a year long ldr relationship back in January with someone who was gaslighting, manipulative and racist towards me. I really do want to get married one day but I feel like that’s not going to be possible if I keep finding these bottom of the barrel dudes. I have started talking to someone a few months ago and he’s really nice but he lives a few hours away in a different state. I’m really trying to understand God’s reasoning for this, I’m a good person with a good head on my shoulders I Excel and at college and in my friendships and am on track to go to grad school and I’m constantly uplifting my friends but it just seems like something is missing.

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Hello cxbachx,

finding the one to spare the rest of your life with is no race. You shouldn’t be influenced by the way your friends or people from high school you know. Each individual does have a certain speed in emotional development, and additonally also consider how many of those getting married soon also run into a divorce not much later after?

Not being in a relationship or being engaged does not make you less valuable as a person. Take your time to live your life, and in my opinion it is not the worst thing to enter a marrige with some experiance.


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