Am I mature enough to be an adult?

I honestly am posting on here because I am just very worried about my future. I am a very smart person but I worry sometimes that I don’t respect others enough or have the right character traits t make it in the adult world. My faith is super important to me but I have s long way to go. I have a phenomenal life that I am very grateful for but there’s also a lot in my life that brings me down. Right now the things that concern me most are a combination of basic life skills that I lack getting up getting to work and a worry that some of my addictions have damaged me beyond repair or at least damaged me to the point where I don’t believe I’ll ever be fixed. thank you

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What up Caleb,
It’s ok to feel like this I guess. You say your starting new in the ADULT WORLD. It ok for you to feel scared or anxious. You seem to be thinking mostly on your negatives and not your positives. You said your vary smart, THATS AWSEOME, what other cool and unique traits are you hiding. And no one will judge you for having a faith, most people do. If you believe it’s the right thing to be doing then do it. Don’t hold back if it doesn’t work out it won’t but at least you no it wouldn’t have worked rather then contemplating if it could or could not. I’m assuming you just finished high school and started earning or learning. It’s ok to not be ready for these things if you never done them before. It will take time to get used to these thing. Try to come up with tricks or tips to help you cope like you said you struggle to get out of bed. Maybe try going to bed early or get the noisiest clock you can find. Find out what works for you. Find ing what works for YOU in the adult world will make everything easier and simpler because your taking on the world, your style.
Everyone has bad habits. Maybe yours are worse then others but really once you pick up a habit it’s near impossible to wipe it away. However it can be minimulised through time and making sure that to make your life better you are dedicated to changing these habits. I have no idea what your habits but I’m positive that grown up enough to handle them. Don’t do it alone, get help from people you trust or come back here from time to time for help or advise. We’ll always be here to help ya out.
Hope it al goes well,

Oh and reply if you got this ok

Thank you very much Eli! I feel like having a positive attitude is somethibg big that I’m missing. Having depression has made it hard for me to be able to do that but I am working on it every day. Thank you for the kind words. Yeah there are a couple things on paper that I struggle with but I think most of it is mindset. Thank you again

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No problem
I hope you conquer the world​:smile::kissing_heart:

As long as you think things through, treat others how you would want them to treat you and try to bring no harm to yourself or others.

I think you will do well. IMHO. Blessed Be.

Thank you very much. Kind words can go a long way. Any positive attitude is a true blessing :slight_smile:
Thanks Gamer! Those are good things to live by. I try my best to cause no harm to anyone and I believe that believing in myself is a good place to start

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