Am I really a killer?

I’m sorry for being back on the wall so soon. Something just happened that I really don’t know if I can handle.

I’ve spoken about this a lot, but, one of my dogs is suffering real bad with Arthritis. He has next to no control or strength in his back legs anymore and cannot walk without assistance. Thing is, I’m the only one that can help him. Everyone else in the family either hurts him, or won’t even try. It’s constantly “Kayla, he’s in the way - can you move him”. It takes so much of my energy because of how much it hurts me to see him this way.

Me and mum have accepted that within a few weeks it’s going to be time to put him down, however, my dad won’t accept it. He keeps trying different things that our dog just isn’t responding too. Whenever me and my mum try to tell him to stop, that it’s what’s best for him, he just tells us that we are killers, we just want our dog dead, that we never loved him. This isn’t the first time he’s called me a killer though. He accused me nearly killing my mother when I was born due to complications, and for being the reason my twin didn’t survive the pregnancy…
Am I a killer for deciding to stop putting him through this stuff he clearly doesn’t like or respond to? For believing that putting him down is the best choice because his quality of life just isn’t good at all.

I don’t know how much longer I can handle this, or his comments. I love that dog more than anything and he’s making it harder than it already is.

I’m sorry again for being back so soon.



You aren’t a killer. A lot of people have to battle through this. It’s never an easy choice to make. When it is the right time. Following your heart and trying to let your pet friend pass in peace is not being a killer.

It’s been made pretty clear that you love them very much.

I’m sorry your dad is being a jerk about it. That’s not very nice to put that kind of guilt on either of you. Sounds like you have your moms supoort and that’s great!

You are not a killer. You’re just loving your pet friend the best way you can and know how. And that’s more than any pet could ask for. :heart:


Kayla thanks for reaching out. This is a hard one for sure. I went through this with my first dog, Dusty, who passed at 14 years of age. First off, death is a natural part of life and unfortunately dogs just don’t live that long. In light of the fact that you’ve tried other things to help the poor pup, I think ending his suffering is the right decision.
As far as the ethics of the whole thing, that’s where it gets tricky. For me personally, I don’t think that animals’ lives have the same value that humans do. Even if they did, killing is an inescapable part of the animal kingdom. Every animal kills some other living thing to survive, but at least this isn’t a selfish decision. Your dog is in a lot of pain, so I see this more as an act of mercy than anything else.
I don’t know if that helps at all. I don’t know what to say about your dad, other than it sounds he’s not seeing the situation clearly. It sounds like he’s overly emotional about it. Which is totally understandable, but not fair to you.

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@Kayla you are NOT a killer. This is very common with anyone who has owned dogs, and the fact of the matter is that a decision from any good dog-loving family for putting a dog to sleep is most often done out of love and not wanting them to suffer anymore. Your dad is being unfair, in my honest opinion childish and immature for calling you a killer of all things. That’s awful.

I’m sure you have many fond memories with your dog. As someone who has had to put down 2 dogs in my life, I know how difficult it is and it never gets any easier. Sending you love and well wishes.

You are in no way a killer at all. You are just looking at the quality of the dogs life and seeing that he is in more pain than not. And that it would be best to not let him suffer anymore. Please don’t let this eat you to much its a very hard thing to do but if you feel it in your heart that it is time then it is time.

Your not doing anything wrong, sometimes you have make decisions and there are ways to put animals to sleep without being cruel. God doesn’t condemn you for it, God only condemns when people are cruel for no reason towards animal. You did what was the best for your dig its better this way than allowing your dog to suffer.

I think I am agree with your dad. You’re not a killer of course, but if I were in a situation like that, I would not rather do that which you decided to do. Think of your dog as an old person and take care of him / her in my opinion.

If you think it is best to put down your dog, then I would do so. Although your Dad is being unfair, and selfish, for doing this, I can see why. He probably quite cares about the dog, and isn’t quite ready to see him go already (Maybe He has just started bonding with him recently). Sometimes, the hardest decision’s in life are when the ones you don’t want to do, and I think this is the same for Dad. I’ve also been blamed for things I didn’t necessarily cause (Some of the problems my artistic Twin has), and believe me, that took something out of me. I would put down your friend when you think it is time (which seems to be now), and I wouldn’t want to see him suffer either.
I hope this helped you with your problem,