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my bf and i had a conversation that lasted very long and continued into today, its ended with him breaking up with me and im not sure how to cope with that right now. i think its for the better as the last month or so werent so great in our relationship that being said he was pretty much the only person keeping me alive so who knows what is going to happen to me now, all i know is im done with relationships for a very long time and that being single fits me much better, my plan is to make some new friends and continue working on being able to get outside, i have an appointment tomorrow so i hope i can make it to that. but for now i will be listening to music, crying and drawing haha


Your heart must really be hurting even if breaking up is a good thing for your life.

Sounds like you are doing some coping as best you can. Crying is good, music is good, drawing is good. Feeling the hurt and making your way through it is important before moving on. It’s a loss of relationship, it’s worth grieving.

Would you be willing to post one of your drawings here? I’m interested in seeing what you’re creating.

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ah sure! for the most part my drawings are not sfw but i recently made this fanart for my special interest !!


That’s pretty amazing~

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Hi Candy, it sounds like you are handling your break up well by making new friends and working on going outside more. Break ups are hard and they take some time to get over. I think you are on the right path and I’m proud of you. They were not keeping you alive, by the way… you were. ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post. I would like to say firstly that I am really sorry that your relationship broke up, even if you are ok with it, its never a nice thing to happen. You say he was the one keeping you alive? You sound like a strong person, some of that is probably you putting a brave face on (we do that dont we?) but you are strong, you are a wonderful strong human being that doesnt need someone to hold them up completely, you have support here friend and you have your amazing art and yes its fantastic, you are incredibly talented and you have a plan. Its gonna hurt for a while and you can lean on us as much as you like, time will heal this and you will move on and do great things. I have faith in you friend. Much Love Lisa x


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Candy! I’m sorry to hear about your relationship ending :hrtlegolove:

I definitely think listening to lots of music and diving into your art are good ideas for things to do. And maybe combine that with going out. Draw in a park if the weather is nice for it or in a cafe or coffee shop so you can people watch while in your own world and drawing. Be alone without being alone. It can be really cathartic when you are in a bad place. At least it helps me a lot doing that <3

Did you manage to keep your appointment?

You art is amazing! You have a lot of talent and I hope you share some more of your sfw art with us sometime. Stay strong and I hope to see another update from you soon if you feel like sharing some more of your thoughts and art with us again :hrtlegolove:

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From: twixremix

hi candy,

thank you for being here on this forum and opening up about this. i’m so sorry y’all have broken up, regardless if your relationship wasn’t doing well in the last month or not. i hope you can be patient and kind to yourself with proper self-care as this heartbreak heals. i do need to say how much i admire your ability to recognize that the dependence on your partner wasn’t exactly healthy if he was the only person keeping you alive. your maturity to understand that this time is best utilized to growing yourself, learning to love the world and your own soul, before heading back into any dates. i wish you the absolute best on your journey towards making new friends, finding joy in the outside world, and discovering reliable reasons to stay on this earth - starting with loving yourself and the love, wisdom, and talent you share with others.

that piece you shared with catherine is incredible by the way!!! love the background art, color scheme, and the way you shaded terezi! you’ve got a true talent and i hope you can continue to delve into your artwork! looking forward to hearing from you and seeing more art in the future, my friend!



thank you for your kind words! i managed to go to my appointment as well im super proud!


Well done for going to your appointment! That is definitely something to be proud of.

I hope you are slowly but surely starting to feel some peace between the tears. There are so many things for you to experience in this life. Right now you are also going through a process of grief. Though you also have some very good outlets to process those emotions, and such a thoughtful outlook on your ability to thrive.

May you make some new friends who will be a pillar of joy to you, and all the creativity and art to unfold (the art you’ve shared is amazing!).

We’re in this with you. :hrtlegolove:

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