I lost someone years ago. I still feel the affects 5 years later. My heart still struggles. Recently I learned I still struggle of this loss. I wish I could’ve done more and seen things


Hey friend. I am sorry about that loss. Even if it was years ago. I lost someone too. It was back in 2012 and I still carry that hurt close to my heart. It still has a deep impact on me.

It’s okay to grieve. Grieving takes everyone different lengths of time. There are times where we even heal through it but still have days where it hits us. That’s normal and that’s okay. It’s common to happen on the death anniversary as well.

I’m sorry you lost someone my friend. Sending you love. <3

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I’m so sorry for your loss. It is really hard to lose someone who is dear to your heart and it’s really normal to still struggle with this. We all deal with losses differently. And each relationship is unique. I lost people in my family in a short amount of time. And I honestly don’t know if the pain go away, as it’s been a couple of years now. But through the waves of grief, I realized that the pain has been taking a different shape. It’s not less intense. But it’s less overwhelming, it comes and goes less frequently.

It’s very natural to have regrets. To feel and wish that you’d had the opportunity to do and say more. There are dates on the calendar that can be triggering to us. And, when we feel ready for that, sometimes it helps to make these days an occasion to cherish the good memories that we had. The laughs, the smiles. To think about what was, even more than what is not anymore. To take some time to acknowledge the love that has been shared, and is still here. The pain that you’re feeling is also the reflection of the love you have for this person.

I was looking at some videos recently, and one of them particularly resonated in my heart. It’s a very short one, but with some important reminders in it. So I’ll just share it here.

“Missing someone means you’ve been given the chance to love someone, and not everybody gets the chance to love somebody. The fact that you miss someone means you’ve had amazing times with them. Which is a million times better than not having had amazing times at all.”

Take care, friend.

Hey hope you’re feeling better,
Sorry for your loss I’ve lost someone close to me too I usually listen to this song to help me feel better hopefully it cheers you up a bit :slight_smile: