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Another appointment with the psychiatrist

Sooo, I have another appointment with her today. It’s like an in between thing, while we’re waiting for the clinic to call us back or something. Either way, this appointment will be about diagnosis’s and I’ll probably get tested for ADD and possibly derealisation too. I’ll make another post once I’m back later today.


I didn’t get tested for ADD until I was in college. It did provide me with helpful insight regarding why I struggled with math. Stress actually caused me to shut down and/or become withdrawn.

Having ADD doesn’t have to be a limitation, as long as a person figures out how to compensate. You’ve heard it said, that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what happens when a person’s thoughts come in the form of a series of images? I think those with ADD think that way a lot. Therefore, the typical classroom situation is extremely tedious for them, as the teaching progresses far too slowly for it to be remotely interesting to a person who has ADD.

I’m looking forward to hearing about how the visit went.

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