Another fight with parent

My mom and i got into another fight which ended out not the greatest my dad had to step in to stop it since my mom was causing a breakdown on for me an my dad dosen’t like seeing them so he had enough of my mom yelling at me for mainly no reason at all.


Hey Horselover,

That sounds like a very rough argument. I’m sorry your mom yelled at you and didn’t find a way to discuss with you what’s going on in a more tempered way. I hope you’re doing okay. Do you talk openly about misunderstandings or those situations in your family? Does your dad talk to your mom about this?

Thank you for sharing. It’s always a good decision to get these things off your chest. You’re loved and you matter. :hrtlegolove:


My family dosen’t talk about it really after since i won’t leave the basement until my parents go back to work in the morning

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I understand. Sometimes, it’s more convenient to go for avoidance. I guess that really depends on whether it is possible at all to talk about this. Maybe your dad would be up to discuss this? Generally, I think that conflicts and misunderstandings come from poor communication, but such a conversation of course requires everyone to have at least some awareness and willingness to also question their own behavior. For some people that’s simply impossible. In such cases it’s probably better to generate some emotional distance and put internal boundaries in place, which is, of course, way easier said than done.



I’m sorry that you’ve been through yet another argument with your mom. This situation - and other fine lines crossed before - has been ongoing for a while now, and I remember that you’ve mentioned once a friend who was considering to call CPS for you. How is it going on that matter?

More specifically: how do you personally envision the next step regarding the environment at home/relationships with your parent? I think we can agree that something needs to change somehow. We can help you figure this out if you’d like. You’re not alone. :hrtlegolove:


On the cps matter rn nothing has happened since i’m going to try to talk to my older friend who is 18 to see if i can stay with them for a bit to just let my mom do what she wants me an that i can have a break from it all

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