I’ve been suffering with Anxiety, Depression and feeling like a failure for so long. My head has been in such a shitty place lately I didn’t know if I was going to come out of this funk or not this time but so far I have with the help of others. Recovering can be difficult sometimes but if you have people by your side you can talk to that love you and want to help you then you can get through it easier. If you don’t think you can find help that’s a lie…you just have to research and find people who struggle with the same things you do and talk with them. Maybe you can come up with strategies to help you all feel better when you’re down. Heartsupport is a great place to find those people. This community is amazing and i’m so glad I found them a couple years ago through Warped Tour.

I remember back in Middle School when I got bullied every day for being different I found TWLOHA and they helped me get through a lot and still continue to till this day. Heartsupport reminds me of them because they do the same things and help the same kinds of people. If you’re ever struggling with something please don’t do it alone. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to you can come to me and I will help where I can. You are all amazing so please don’t ever forget that. I know I just wrote a bunch of stuff but venting sometimes can help so much because then others can give you advice on things you can do that might help you in certain ways and help others in different ways.

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@Majormusso247, thank you for your words

Stay strong <3

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