Anyone wanna draw a manga character that i created for me?

i create many manga ideas for fun :3 and too cope. but i cant draw so i can only discribe them :< i love seeing how character look and how creative they are. so i wanna be able to knoiw how the character i created would lool like. so if anyone wants to draw smth, then maybe it could be one of my characters ive created…


Sure I could draw one of your characters if you want.

wait really?? okay! ^^
im kinda busy rn so ill prob send a description of one of them tommarow

Yep yep I thought it might be a fun little challenge for me, drawing something from just a description and helping someone out.

i got a few u could try drawing :3
if u want me to tell u the backstories if u want me too

short, messy brown hair
doesnt have any eyes (has x’s over them)
sharp teeth
a demon
is in a yellow raincoat

(this one is prob my most least descriptive lol)

Yeah go ahead tell me their backstory’s. Oh also does he have horns or a tail?

I didn’t make a backstory for this one tbh. I kinda just came up with a character idea that I have had for a long time.

also, yea, he has a tail and horns :3

Ah okay cool, I won’t be to start working on the drawing until Thursday evening or Friday because of work, but hopefully I should have it done before the end of the weekend.

nice ^^

I’ll prob send other character descriptions tomorrow, is that okay with u?

Yeah that’s fine.

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hi!! i’d also love to try to draw one of your characters :]

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okayyyy :3

Medium length hair
Fire on the bottom and sides of her eyes
blank white eyes
her hair is made of fire
5 fireballs spin around her
backstory: when she was 15 she was kidnapped and killed by someone, now she is searching for revenge against the guy who killed her

is that a good description? if u need me to specify more i can :3
ty! <3

oki ^^
ill give u the next description now :3 a decription of two sibling characters

short, pink hair
the left side of his face looks dead
right side of his face looks completely alive, and so does the rest of his body.
the dead and alive side of his face are seperated by a large crack of his face
he cant move the left side of hbis face
used electricity to cut through and hurt people
brings bad luck
dead side: more pale then the alive side, and has one black eye
alive side: more pigmented, has a pink eye
is also a demon, but he looks more human
he lives in a mansion
he has a sister and has a good relationship with her

long, pink hair
wears a large white bow of her head
pink eyes
demon aswell
has a good relatonship with her brother
brings good luck
she loves to use weapons
wears a cute-core outfit
lives in the same mansion as her brother
backstory: her and her brother both owned the large mansion and used it as a hotel. the hotel was huge so it could hold alot of people in it. It held strong for a couple of years until the brother commited suicide (sorry if its a sensitive topic for u) the sister was devistated by this and made a deal with a devil to bring him back. she and her brother came back, but as demon.

hope u enjoy making them :3

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btw if u want to draw the characters i told lonelyfreak u can :3
(u also might not hear from me for the next 2-4 days :<)

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i decided to give the guy a go, and i did my best. i hope it’s even somewhat close to what you had in mind lmao

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