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It can feel like people just don’t have time for me. Being alone, that feeling worsens to the point that I’m desensitized to empathy, including my ability to empathize for others.

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Hey love, im sorry you are feeling so alone. Times are really tough, everyones going through so much these days and that feeling of isolation can be so crippling. You arent alone though. You have all of us here to meet you with love and support. Sometimes when we are going through so much and we feel so down and life doesn’t quite make sense its hard to extend support and understanding to others. Cut yourself some slack. You are here in this place which means you have the ability to love, you have empathy, you care for others. Be kind to yourself please. These feelings will pass, you just have to be strong. I believe in you, continue to share how you feel and maybe in peoples responses to your struggles you can find inspiration to do the same for others <3

Hey friend,

Feeling like the people you love don’t have time for you is really tough. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. I surely felt the same from time to time and in these moments it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by a deep hurt. It feels heavy, and in these circumstances, it’s quite normal to feel like your capacity to empathize for others is affected. I guess, when we feel disappointed by someone, shutting ourselves down is a normal reaction. And it can go along with just caring less. Your feelings are valid, friend. Though, I’d like to encourage you not to let this impact your heart. I have no doubt that you genuinely care about others, and that’s a beautiful quality that you have. It’s okay to feel how you feel. But I also hope that you will not let this affect your heart in ways that wouldn’t be you. :heart:

When I feel left alone or just very isolated, I’m more prone to question my own worth and if I’m even loved or not. The sad part in this is that I won’t overthink it or try to challenge this thought. I’m okay with the idea of being alone and invisible. It deeply hurts to feel invisible and face situations that fuels this thought, but I surrendered to the idea that it’s how I’m meant to be, so I just stay on my own and remain silent. The reason why I’m sharing this with you is to encourage you to not do the same. Because there could be so many reasons behind this situation.

Sometimes, we feel a certain way but reality is very different. And a good way to understand what’s going on with your loved ones is, in my humble opinion, to be honest with them and let them know how you feel. In a respectful and collected way, but at least to make room for some communication, so you don’t stay alone with this. Unfortunately, if you stay with this feeling and if you don’t know how to address it in a healthy way, it can be something that will stay between you and your loved ones and hold you in a place of resentment. As you describe: it can affect your ability - and desire - to care. And I guess that’s not what you want.

It sucks to have to take this step. I really get that. Maybe you’ll think that you’d be annoying if you reach out to your friends/family/loved ones. But when love is mutual, when respect and honesty are at the rendezvous, then you’re likely to create a new opportunity for growth. Unfortunately, your loved ones may be stuck in their daily life responsabilities. They may not be aware of how you feel and what are your expectations towards them. In this case, they probably need you to help them to find the right balance between being too close or too far from each other. Sometimes things are just piling up, time goes on and it can be very easy to lose sight of someone we love - even when we genuinely love them. I guess we’re all trying our best in this craziness called “life” - especially this year with covid and quarantine, when we all had to learn new ways to connect to each other.

Keep being you, friend. Try not to let this impact who you are deep inside. I hope that you’ll manage to reach out to your loved ones and that you’ll work side by side to improve this situation. In any case, know that you are loved and cared for, sincerely. We see you here. You are not alone, and you can come here anytime you need.

Sending love your way. :heart:

I’ve felt that same numbness, especially towards myself. I encourage you not to lose your core, that part of you that knows empathy. Stoke the embers. You’re not alone and are deserving of time being devoted to you.

Hey friend,

It sounds like you are completely drained of emotions and need someone to fill you back up with support and love. Feeling completely alone hurts the worst because that is when the tidal wave of negative thing crashes in and overwhelms, but there is hope friend. Find that one person that brings you real joy where you can pour out your heart and soul to them without feeling judged or sound like a broken record.

Remember you do not need to take upon everyone’s burdens and needs, you are allowed and given permission to tell people “no” when you empty of all energy.

Please continue reaching out <3