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Are They Really?

Explaining things is hard for me right now so I’m just gonna make a list and leave it at that.

If I harm:

  1. Nobody would notice
  2. Nobody would care
  3. It would help me
  4. It won’t matter in the end

If I go through with The Plan:

  1. Nobody would miss me
  2. It would benefit people
  3. One less thing to worry about
  4. One less person to bother people

Sorry for such a frantic post. I just can’t explain things.


There is most definitely someone who would, you may just not know it yet. And if there really isn’t I’ll be that person for you.

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Hey Sarah,
It sounds like you’re really hurting. I want to thank you for being so honest and sharing this here. Although it may seem like these are things that have truth to them, they truly do not have any truth to them.

When things are so overwhelming and painful self harm may seem like it would be beneficial because of the temporary relief but it is only masking the pain for a moment. The feeling always ends up coming back which makes self harm such a hard cycle, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. It does matter, YOU matter. You matter so so very much and I know that can be hard to see when that voice inside says the very opposite. But that voice isn’t based in truth because depression feeds so many lies. It can be so hard when It makes us think that we are a burden so of course people would be better off without us, but in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. No one is like you, no one could or ever will replace you. Suicide would benefit no one and there are many who would miss you even if it may feel like there wouldn’t be. Know that if you feel alone or like no one would notice or care, you have a community here that very much does care and wants to walk along side you through this. You are so loved Sarah!

Hannah Rhodes

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Her Sarah, my sister would definitely notice. She really wants to be your freind. And i would notice. I think about you a lot.
My sister really wants to be friends with you!

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Hi Sarah! I am that sister leonafan000 is talking about, I really care about you and i want to be your friend, you know.

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