As a survivor i feel every word every time that sc

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As a survivor, I feel every word, every time. That scar never heals. No amount of therapy erases the memories. :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

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So damn true! I can never make it through the breakdown part because I get it too too well.

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the best therapy could hope to accomplish is to help you to deal with the emotions and live with it, which in itself is by no means small.

@@theldraspneumonoultramicro405 Therapy doesn’t always work, in my case it made my trust issues far worse and set me back. It took talking with others who have been abused as children, hearing their stories and feeling safe to tell mine to help me.

This. Truth…

Allow me to give you a virtual hug over the internet. :heart:
Know this: you are safe now. And stronger. Complete truth. Thank you for going still, even after all that. Fuck…

So true. I personally find it hard to listen to any song like this one even 20+ years after. We never truly heal.

Survivor here too. Jonathan let me know I wasn’t alone. I will always appreciates him for that.

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I want to hug you all. Including Drake Bell, Ariana Grande, Amanda Bynes, and others. And if Chester was still here with us, I would hug him too. They’ve been through the same horrible ordeal.

And I’m sure for Drake, Ariana, Amanda, etc. would find it hard to listen to this whole song, too.

Hey friend, I appreciate what you shared, and I wanted to record a video reply: Video reply: As a survivor i feel every word every time | Loom

-nate, heartsupport staff

@@HeartSupport I appreciate your thoughts. My story is basically this song. The deepest scar anyone can experience. Being numb is my only defense. As a verse in a song says, I have 2 faces, one for the world, one for God save me.

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Your right. No therapy or earthly things can fix what earthly sin has caused you so I pray you find Jesus if you haven’t already and find peace. God bless you. Sorry for whatever happened to you mate. I hope you’re doing well in life now.