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As I Lay Dying - Misery Evolving Video


Hey everyone! The Misery Evolving video was incredible! It was so amazing hearing Tim’s story as well as the stories of the whole band. Each part of their story was so unique and raw. I am so grateful that Heart Support put this video out. I hope everyone gets a chance to go watch it. Forgiveness and love are real. Each member of As I Lay Dying proves this by really showing that, not just by words, but by actions. They went through so much pain and heartbreak but eventually they showed that forgiveness and healing is always possible! We truly need more of this in the world. Empathy, forgiveness, and treating others with respect is vital. Thank you Heart Support and As I Lay Dying for teaching us all how important forgiveness really is.


I watched it yesterday and talked with Jordan about it yesterday. I am so grateful they made the documentary as it connected me to Heart Support. I have found HS to be a safe and trusting place to share my recent struggle in dealing with my Mom going to Heaven last month, as well as, my history as an abuse survivor from when I was a kid. The guys in AILD are just awesome and I am grateful to see them running my local favorite venue (which is literally 2 minutes from my place), Brick By Brick (going there tonite , can’t wait :metal:t2:).
Thank you to those here that have shown their support to me thus far. I am proud to be a member of the Heart Support is a great community.
Much love to all of you. :hugs::heart:️:metal:t2:


The video connected me with Heart Support as well!

Have fun tonight!

I’m excited to finally have a community online that is a healthy and safe space to talk about these things with people.


I’m so glad that you found strength and inspiration through the video!! Sending love!


It’s a relief to know those of you in the Heart Support community have shown me so much kindness and support since I joined earlier this week. The power and beauty of friends and music is the sincerest form of support :hugs::heart:️:metal:t2:


Hey friend,

Just want to say welcome, and we are so glad that you are here! I’m so glad that you saw that video, and that you are here now! Just know that you are loved here, and you are welcome here, and wanted here! I’m so glad that you found strength and encouragement in that video!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,



Everyone needs mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, and community. I pray to God to bless them, and help them to become humble people. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend.


After putting off joining this site, that video was my final push. I mean ABR is my favorite band but that video just pushed me more and hearing how Jake helped is awesome I’m glad I’m here


That’s a wonderful prayer @AVJR Thank you for sharing! Prayer is so important and so powerful in the realms of forgiveness.


We are so glad you are here @MRLeite15 Thanks for joining the community. I only joined a couple of days ago. I too put it off for a long time but the As I Lay Dying video made me realize we need more people to share love, forgiveness, and kindness to those hurting.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been listening to As I Lay Dying, since discovering them in middle school during my first bout with depression, and still do today in college undergoing my current emotional battles. When people ask me who my role models are, I can never not talk about this band and its members. They’ve undergone so many hardships and trials, and yet they stand tall and stronger after every incident, growing and learning, as we all should. Tim Lambesis is one of my personal heroes, not despite what he’s done, but with how he’s changed and reformed because of it. Words cannot express how thankful I am for this video, for them telling their sides of the story, for telling us that hate never leads anywhere, that time and effort are what can somewhat help to fix ourselves, and that no matter what, there is still hope. Tim, Josh, Nick, Phil, and Jordan: thank you for what you’ve done for not just me, but for millions worldwide. Thank you for taking the initiative to help others deal with emotional health issues. It speaks volumes about your characters. And thank you, HeartSupport, for giving this phenomenal group of individuals yet another chance to do better and to help the world. The world could always use more heroes.


SO glad you enjoyed it!!!


Thanks Monkey so much for your kind words and support. Means the world. I have found a sense of peace and comfort in joining the HS community in dealing with stuff. It’s nice to be able to not just let my thoughts and feelings out there, but to feel safe in doing so. I am so grateful !!!
Thanks again friend. Know I am here for you as well.
Have an awesome day :hugs::heart:️:metal:t2:


I surely did !!! So thankful it connected me to such a wonderful community :heart:


Just watched the video a few moments ago. I have been a long time AILD fan, they have been my favorite band for years. I’ve also suffered with depression and used to self-harm. I’ve thankfully been free of self-harm for 10 years now, but the depression and suicidal thoughts are something I’ve continued to struggle with off and on. I have a hard time opening up to people close to me about it because I feel like a burden to them, and because I feel like this isn’t something a mother should feel and need to do. Like I should be some strong, superwoman. But seeing that this community exists is amazing and exactly what I need. So grateful to be here!


That’s so awesome and I’m happy to hear it. I’m new to this so I’m hoping I’ll have the same healing ability as you.


Oh man yeah I know how that feels!!! Out of nowhere and at times over the silliest stuff, my anxiety will take over and it can seriously disrupt my routine!!! I literally need to stop what is going on in the moment, analyze what the issue is and weigh it as “big” or”little” …then determine if I’m ready to proceed with what I was previously doing…yeah frickin anxiety …uggghh lol…
Stay strong and know you are loved !!! :metal:t2::heart:️:hugs: