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Belongs to: Lost by Bring Me The Horizon - Therapist Reacts
Avalanche is another mental health song, btw, that Oli wrote about his ADHD diagnosis <3
Glad to know about others who have the same condition/struggles, but somehow came out better on the other side and able to better cope and have support etc.
Still hoping for that to happen someday. Here’s to me hopefully getting support and meds in June (been waiting 14 months for an appointment that got promised to me now).
I wish back then, they had had better meds (been off of them for 18 years now) since life is prett miserable nowadays. But enough oversharing (:

Anyways, great reaction, ty and keep up the good vibes :slight_smile:


Hey friend - rest assured that you did not overshare at all! That’s what these spaces are made for, even if it’s unusual or just an unknown territory for many of us. Sharing about your life and things that are important to you are never a waste of time or space. Actually an honor to get to know you through this, even if it’s just on this little part of the internet. Whenever you display your vulnerability, you also express your authentic self, and that is such a beautiful gift to anyone reading, so, thank you. :heart: Also, 14 months waiting for this appointment? Gosh, I wish for June to come very very soon for you. This must have been quite an endurance race for sure, the kind that challenges your patience so much! I truly commend you for your determination to seek help despite the hurdles or… whatever practical matters get in the way and made you wait for so long. It should be so different. I’ve been lucky myself to not wait that long to get professional help, although even a couple of months feel like an eternity when you feel like hitting rock bottom. I certainly wasted a lot of time for staying in denial and stuck in my own anxiety – asking for help has been a no-no for so long in my life. Truly inspired by what you have shared, the hope you provide, the determination you radiates, and just this normalization of getting help. You definitely deserve to get as much support as you need through this rough season of life, and to get back on your feet with even more confidence and fire within. Fingers crossed for June, with the hope that this will be the beginning of a new healing chapter for you, and that it will match your expectations. You got this.

Hey friend, thinking of you today as we are now in June - big month with hopefully some positive perspective ahead for you! Just wanted to reiterate that you’re doing the right thing and that there are people out there rooting for you and for your own healing. These obstacles that have been in the way are almost behind you, and hopefully a new chapter will begin for you – with the support, understanding and care that you need. There IS hope, and you are taking practical steps to not just find it, but actually create in into your life. Sending good vibes your way. Hoping for your appointment to be an opportunity to get new answers, and to rebuild some trust in the process as well as in YOU.