Badly depressed today

I am so depressed today. I cant stop crying. I don’t feel like doing anything. My back hurts and I just feel awful
Sounds dumb, sorry I’m just ranting

Some days are awful, some days are beautiful. Not every Day can be the best in your Life. Try To get behind your Feelings. Ask yourself:" why feel i depressed? What can I do to feel better?". This won’t Last forever. Even the darkest days are over at 12 P.M. Every Day could be “The Day” that Changes everything. Believe that.

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@Hollyb102 ranting is totally okay! Thank you for sharing. I know the feeling. I suffer from moderate to severe clinical depression, and man… it’s not fun. It sucks! I know it’s really hard to keep fighting and to keep goi day after day. I’m so so sorry that you have to face that.
But I promise you that there is hope! And there is healing. There is always tomorrow. You can always try again, and for me that’s really encouraging. You never ever have to face today again.
We are always here for you, you have a community you can lean on here and you can come to. You can vent or rant all that you want to!
Hold fast friend,
Hannah Presley

Depression sucks, it really does and I am truly sorry that it is something you have to suffer through.

Never forget the capacity you have to make meaningful change in your life and in the lives of others. And if that sounds terrifying don’t forget that thousands of dogs will love you unconditionally :smiley: