Be happy you are alive

So on sunday september 16th I was shot twice and stabbed by two men while I was trying to rob us and we’ll I am trained in boxing and took various classes in krav Maga for weapon disarms I am blessed to be alive the knife just missed my liver and a bullet just missedan a main vein in my arm twitch has been a huge factor in my life it has been really helpful I especially want to thank sicerely atarla and marissaemma they have been really helpful in my situation finally I wanted to thank god for another day of life if you do noy believe in God trust me he does you don’t have to walk with God for him to walk with you.

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Wow man that insane,
I’m so sorry friend how are you doing mentally after that?
I hope you’re okay and healing okay. I send you my love, and I hope the people who did that to you were caught.

Hold fast,
Luna :heart: