Be nice to each other y'all

So I was at the grocery store and I was minding my own business had music going in my head phones looking through the cheeses and out of nowhere I get tapped on the shoulder by this older lady maybe mid 40s and she asked about the patches I have stocked to my back pack and I told her that the two colorful ones were pride flags ones the trans pride and the other was the lesbian pride flag and she just started yelling at me about how I’m a horrible person and that I’m gonna be shunned by God and his flock and that I’m a no good degenerate homosexual and all this bullshit I’m sure y’all know the type of hate filled religious person anyway she was making such a scene that a manager came up to us and asked what was going on and I explained to them the situation that this lady asked some questions about my back pack and that when I explained to her the pride patches she became irate and started verbally abusing me and making the scene she ended up getting removed from the store and I was able to get my cheese in peace

But I just wanted to write about this dumb interaction I had while shopping for some stuff to make lunch with please y’all be nice to the people who need it and mean to those that need to be kept away from the vulnerable people in ur life and if u got some trans friends or family tell them how much they mean to u cuz we deal with shit like this constantly and don’t talk about it much cuz cis straight folk don’t really get it so please show love and kindness to any transperson u see if u see a trans cashier at a store not getting people in line cuz they are visibly trans go to their line and compliment them if u see a trans person being harassed back them up we need y’all’s help if u live in a state that is trying to ban or mistreat us fight for us cuz our voices alone won’t save us


The experience you had with that woman explains why so many believe that being religious is a form of mental illness. Intolerance and judgment is the antithesis to any form of religion, but countless people wrap such prejudice into their “religion.”

I wish you never have to experience such ass holes again, and sorry you had to in the past.

I think you live in an area or culture, where intolerance and hypocrisy may be pretty common, but I believe there are places where you wouldn’t experience such problems as often. I live in the “bible belt,” but fortunately in a neighborhood that’s more accepting. When you think about it, there’s really no basis for anyone to decide what to accept, because instead, they should really mind their own business and not be concerned about what they believe they should accept.

Anyway, I believe a lot of straight folk do get it, but perhaps you’re not around many of them. I really hope you find a community that allows you to be yourself and fulfill your dreams.


From: Microsmos

Hey friend. I’m sorry that this person has reacted in such a violent, hateful way. No one deserves to be treated as if they weren’t even a human being, especially because of their identity. Her reaction was the manifestation of her fears and limitations when it comes to understanding and loving others. You being you, is all this world needs, whether some people approve or not.

Despite this awful interaction, you are here sharing a message of love and compassion. Thank you so much for this. For your vulnerability, generosity, and for reminding us that there are battles in the life of people we care about that we may not be aware of. Let’s share love. Period. <3

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Hi again @Derpplup

You handled that situation very maturely. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, I totally understand how awkward and offensive that was to you. I really will never truly understand why people react in such horrible ways like this, especially when she could have just said “Oh, thank you” and been on her way.

I really hope things are getting better for you. I know it’s been so tough for you lately. :((


Hi there @Derpplup,

Aw, it stinks that someone was so egregiously intolerant of you, particularly while you were just minding your own business. That sounds like a scary, disconcerting situation and I’m sorry that you went through that. You’re amazing and valued the way you are, and it’s unfortunate that some people aren’t accepting of this.

Thank you for sharing your kind message about supporting others. I appreciate you for sharing this and am glad to have you in our community.

<3 Tuna

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From: Manni XP - Snow Edition

That sounds so intense. Going out in public can really take up a lot of mental energy as it is. Having someone not only approach you, but also touch you and then berate you? I don’t know if I would have been able to resume shopping, so, props on getting your cheese! It saddens me to hear that she weaponized her interpretation of her religion, but I feel glad to hear that the store handled it properly by removing her.