Becoming more aggressive

From justzumi: My sister was feeling bad these days. She has high blood pressure, so doctors has came for us for some times.
I love my sister, and I wanted to help her. I’m not a doctor, but I saw how she breaths, really fast and small, and told her that she needs to take a deep breath. But my mom just punched me and said that my tips are mess. After that doctors came and said the same thing. I felt…kinda betrayed, but still. I gave some my plushes for my sis, but she just threw them away and my mom and she just yelled at me. I couldn’t understand why
I try to be nice with people. But after each shout by someone at me, I feel more like a…non human. Like a monster, who is so ugly and bad so people are shouting and beating it.
And so I am starting to be rude, aggressive, and the stuff like this. After I came to my mom and told her my emotions, I just heard laugh. Like fr. I can’t understand how to become nice. I asked my friends, they said that I am already nice, but I see that there’s something wrong
And I hate that I have to come here and tell this. I hate that I have to tell my emotions to friends, to someone. I tired to fill myself with negative, but I hate to vent to my friends.
I just hate everything right now.
Thanks for reading, sorry for taking your time, I feel guilty about that now
I mostly typed it to just throw my emotions, buuut if you can, I would be really appreciated if you say how can I become less toxic and angry

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Hey friend. I feel like we’re kindred spirits on this post - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - Becoming more aggressive - Social Media / Support - Discord - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 2 April 2024 | Loom

From justzumi: as i said in the comment section, dude, this helped me a lot, and i appreciate it. thanks🫂

Anytime my friend!