Been a while hasn't it Cw:trans and queer phobia

It’s uh been a while hasn’t it lots happened since I stepped away from this forum I been helping moderate a discord server I’ve started hormones a war has started hell I even started wearing the clothes I wanna wear I have some things that have been bouncing around my brain for a bit I don’t feel like I belong here on this forum I’m too jaded and it makes everyone feel so fake when someone just responds with “I’ll keep you in my prayer” or “I’ll keep you in my thoughts” it to me feels like the emotional support equivalent of someone on a tech blog going “works fine for me idk what your problem is” that might be because I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with religion from attending a youth group where I was told I was going to hell for being a non believer but the group will pray for my salvation to me having a mental break down and them just praying around me to make it all go away to just you know the usual Bs I get for being a trans queer woman this post isent targeting anyone on the forum I’ve just had a very few long days where I’ve seen my rights as a human stripped away in state after state I’ve had people call me a predator to my face cuz I’m a trans person it fills me with rage a indescribable when I was sent a article on a politician saying people like me should be executed by firing squad I wanted to hurt that piece of shit in every way I know how I put up with alot a shit on a daily basis but when our political system is so fucking broken that fucking democrats pat them selves on the back just for not calling me a tranny or a faggot in my face rather then doing their GOD DAMN jobs and fucking fixing things and making sure people ARE BEING TREATED LIKE FUCKING HUMANS THEY SIT AROUND AND PAT EACH OTHER ON THE BACK THEY ARE NO BETTER THEN THE FUCKING REPUBLICANS THEY JUST WEAR BLUE INSTEAD IF RED BUT ITS ALL THE SAME I’m so fucking tired of having to fight for my existence I’m tired of having people threaten me and police do FUCKING NOTHING I want to hurt the people that want to do me and my friends harm so bad it would make hostal look like fucking care bears some days I’m not gonna hurt any that much I know cuz I’m just too fucking tired to fight anymore the never ending back and forth of explaining my existence to every fucking joe Becky and Terry on the street when all’s I wanna do is buy some fucking yogurt or get my prescription it never fucking ends not at home not one line not outside I just I’m so tired


Hey @Derpplup,

I hear your anger, frustration, tiredness. It all has valid reasons to exist. And I’m so sorry that you’ve had to carry on your shoulders so much rejection and invalidation. I truly wish the world was different. Just one in which acceptance and open-mindedness would be so much more present. It is disgusting that some people have compared you to a predator and to feel in your core the hatred of people who just don’t understand any of what your reality is. It should be so different.

You are who you are. There is no shame and no guilt to have. You should never be invalidated for being trans - and if that ever happened on this forum/community, please DM me so appropriate actions could be taken. I can assure you that you are loved, accepted and appreciated just as you are. Beyond any political, philosophical or religious ideology. If someone feels unable to interact beyond that, at least here, then it has to be their issue, not yours.

I know coming to terms with your identity must have been a very challenging and difficult path. Not because of you, but because of how our world is. For what it’s worth from me, I’m proud of you for embracing who you are despite the hardships that others put on your way because of their own ignorance.

I hear your anger. Even though violence will of course never be a solution. I understand why this deep energy is present, and I’m thankful that you’ve decided to share it here today.

You are loved. Not because it’s a nice figure of speech to say. But because you are. :hrtlegolove:


Hi Friend, I think it really sucks that you’ve had to deal with such ignorance and abuse. I know some places are way more conservative than others and I think in these times people should be accepted for who they are no matter how they identify or what their gender is. I’m sorry you’ve experienced such ignorance and abuse, it breaks my heart. ~Mystrose

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From: SuchBlue

Hi Derpplup,

I’m really sorry that today’s society has made us experience two extremes - one where we have to pretend that we have no differences and we are all these same, and one where we are all different but only the people who we share in common should be accepted. It makes me angry too how nobody wants to find the middle of it, and we either use differences as way to show how ‘equal’ businesses are or hide all of the other stuff that happens behind our backs. Yet people are driven by what the political ideology that they grew up in, and use it as an excuse to not accept others who are not the same as them. It is hard for people to think about these things when there are so many things like this going around, and it really makes me sad that it is so.
Just because people like this exist, does not mean that it is the truth and I really admire your strength to keep going, feeling the need to vent somewhere and trusting us with answering your post :hrtlegolove:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, its good to see you back, I am sorry its under these circumstances. I hear your anger and frustrations at some of the people that are, well uneducated or ignorant to the way others live and cant accept that not everyone lives the same way they do. I think its disgraceful that you would be accused of being a predator and as for that politician, clearly that person should not be in office at all and I am so very sorry that they are, I hoped the days of such opinions were over but they so obviously are not. I am glad you wrote this post if only to highlight just how bad the situation still is because I didn’t know it was and I think its important that people still know that others are being treated so appallingly, I appreciate that, that is not why you wrote, you wrote because you have had enough and I don’t blame you, you can only take so much just for wanting to live your life and you should be able to without fear of judgement by anyone else. I hope at least some of these people at some point will get to know you as a person as the good person that you are and know that you deserve to be treated with respect and love and then hopefully things will start to change because you are loved. Lisa. x

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