Been having a a really rough night

I’ve been talking to one of my friend for about 5 hours straight now because i’m really struggling badly to not end my life, which i can’t get much help, i’ve been on and off of hotlines for the past hour to just try to find some peace but that’s it’s not working, i’ve moved to selfharm once again which i was 13-15 days clean i think i don’t fully remember at the moment. i’m starting to get tired of fighting the thoughts 24/7 it’s a never ending cycle. i’ve tried asking my pretty much support ppl for help but it didn’t go out very well for me.


I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time of it.

Stay on the hotline for as long as it takes for this storm to pass. You may not be finding peace, but the connection to another human will still help.

“Fighting thoughts” imparts strength and persistence to them. Instead, it’s possible to turn away from them. You can’t just leave a void where those thoughts were, or they’ll keep coming back. You need something else to focus on, maybe lots of reading, or taking on a project. Maybe a pet can help. A therapist may help you with relaxation techniques, or meditations.

Please check back in and let us know how you’re doing.


I was on the call with the hotline for an hour until i attempted sometime last night i don’t remember when bc i passed out. but i’m going somewhat better today but mainly sick

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The most important thing is that you’re still here. Get some rest. Stay in touch. Keep talking to someone who has experience in dealing with the kind of challenges you have.

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I’m glad you’re still here today @Horselover200246 - and that is really an understatement. I’m also proud of you for reaching out to hotlines like this.

As @Wings said, get some rest for now. We will check in with you soon and discuss practical steps to take from now on. Because you need help, friend. Not just from support people but from a professional who can actually provide you tools to 1/understand yourself better and 2/cope with those thoughts and urges. There is hope and your life is so valuable. Please keep us updated. <3


Hey @Horselover200246,

Checking in with you today. How are you? Both emotionally and physically.

We care about you. :hrtlegolove:


I haven’t been the best, im still mentally struggling a lot and been physically sick since of the attempt i got sick from that and then got covif or a cold rn.

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