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Been isolating lately and realized I need a community


Things have been pretty hard lately and I found myself feeling hurt and alone and wanting to push the few people in my life away. I put my two weeks in at my job and it’s been really hard trusting I made the right choice, that things will work out. The lies have been really loud and I’m so emotionally and physically exshausted but after some pretty bad days this week I’m trying to pull myself up. Does anyone have any advice on having a lot of free time? I work 24 hrs next week and after that I won’t have anything to do unless I get a call back on some of the jobs I’ve applied for. I don’t want to spend all my time job searching because it just spirals me. Having too much freedom can be really hard for me and cause me to spiral with thoughts and behaviors and unfortunately my husband will be out of town in two weeks so I’ll be home all day by myself. I don’t have a lot of people to hang out with so that’s not an option either. Really trying to give myself grace and compassion and find rest. I’m not looking for advice on my decision with my job or just don’t stress or don’t think those thoughts it’s not that easy. Not trying to be rude just looking to be met where I’m at since I’m kind of in a fragile place mentally right now.


Hi, friend

Sorry that things are a little rough right now. I hope that it starts to get better.

As far as how to spend your time, goals and schedules are good for that! Even if it’s for small things.

Try to maybe set up a routine for yourself. For example, maybe fill out applications and do job search X amount of days in the week. Set aside a time and routine for chores or errands that need to be done. Maybe some exercise like light walking. Whether around the block or a local park. Maybe even make a time to make yourself get out and do something outside. Something I have been making myself do is get out and walk to the coffee shop. I hang out there for draw, write and read for a few hours.

Making a list of things you could do and try, and trying to turn it into a routine or schedule could really help you keep busy.

I hope that you’re able to find something soon my friend. And that you get feeling better

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This is a beautiful goal for you to have, and for anyone to have really.

It’s wonderful that you know your limitations as well… maybe try volunteer work? There are lots of community programs who are always looking for someone to help out - whether it’s reading to kids at a daycare, making copies of papers at a community center, or serving meals at a homeless shelter - sometimes giving back is what gets me through hard times. If volunteering is out of the question - you could try finding a new hobby - cooking, crafting, blogging, hiking, etc. to eat up the time. @DearKoyangi’s suggestions are really solid, list making is a great way to organize AND a great way to help yourself feel accomplished (this from the person who will ADD something to her to-do list as she completes it JUST SO I CAN CHECK IT OFF! HA).

No matter what you wind up doing to fill the time, keep in mind your goal of grace and compassion for yourself. Sounds like your soul needs a rest, and I so hope you are able to find that inner peace.

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Hey @Fashionlover0191,

Do you play video games or have any hobbies that could possibly occupy a few hours each day? If not @DearKoyangi had a good idea of going for walks or something similar to it to help free your mind a little bit.

Stay awesome my friend.


Thank you. I have a few books I want to read so I’m going try to do that and I am in the process of writing a book but keep putting it off so now would be a good time to do that. Just got to find small pockets where I’m motivated and give myself grace if I end up just binge watching shows or not doing a whole lot. Been lacking drive and motivation but need to do small steps


@Fashionlover0191 reading could be a great thing to occupy time and keep your mind from wandering to much! It would be so cool to write a book I think that’s awesome of you. Stay amazing my friend! You are absolutely incredible. Love you friend


Try joining a social club, a church or find a hobby you like to keep yourself busy. Try to connect with people with similar interests


Have you got any pet? I found walking out with my dog is both relaxing and therapeutical. You can always go on a walk with dogs from a dog shelter as a volunteer. Being a volunteer in a retirement home or any place where people are needed is always a good option. Most overlooked people cry for a bit of atention. Helping brings relief and positive vibes to our hearts.


I know you’re not looking for advise on quitting your job so I’m not going to say much about it but if it was making you unhappy I’m proud of you for recognizing that and making the decision to leave!
Moving on from that I find the things that help me most when trying to keep busy and avoid a downward spiral are just keeping up with my hobbies and things I like. If you’re into reading and writing Wattpad is a great place to go you can get the app or use the website it’s a place for amature writers to post their own stories of all generes and you can read millions of other peoples stories as well it’s an endless library of great unpublished stories. I also listen to a lot of music, I watch a ton of anime and my other fave shows (if you’re looking for suggestions just let me know what your into and I can probably recommend some) I also like going for bike rides or walks they can help clear your head I find it’s even more relaxing when I’m listening to music at the same time. Also sometimes a good nap can help it shuts your brain off for a bit and it’ll let you relax for a while. Also if you’ve got pets they can be a great distraction. I find doing art can also help, I myself draw, color, and work with resin and it’s a great distraction and it gets me out of my head and forces me to focus on the art instead.

Hope this helps!

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