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Been my favourite band since 2013,
I love John and I appreciate his openness. The boys’ music has helped me through so much. I struggle with being alone and had the same experience with insomnia ruining my life. Unfortunately i no longer have who I found peace in but I’m Thankful to have met you recently and get the chance to thank you in person. Stay well boys :heart:

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Oh man friend this sucks. It sucks to struggle with being alone, find someone to help you through that and then you lose that person too, which leaves you alone, which is a really hard place to be. On top of that you’re stuck in your racing thoughts, while the rest of the world is asleep which has to feel so frustrating and isolating. My heart hurts for you friend. I hope it gives you hope that you were able to see so much of your story in John’s. He has struggled with so many similar things and he has and is finding healing from them. That means there is hope for you too. There is healing. You’re not alone, because someone you love and look up to has gone through the same things. This community is here for you.

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So hard when you’ve got these kind of compounding factors - feeling alone in general, losing someone who helped you feel at peace, and stacking insomnia on top of all of that. It’s so hard to be stuck with your thoughts, wide awake at night, when your thoughts only echo of the pain you feel. It’s like not being able to escape it - it is a kind of echo-chamber of hollowness and loneliness, and it can be terrifying to have to face that.

I know in my own life, I ran away as hard and as fast as I could from that kind of vibe. I filled my life with escapism - playing video games every waking moment, watching porn when I got sick of video games, and scrolling the internet just to fill the void. When I did go to sleep, I listened to a talk show so that I didn’t have to listen to my own thoughts because it was terrifying.

I appreciate you sharing. It’s hard to open up and say - yeah, shit’s not all well. Thankful for your courage <3

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First off I want to say thank you for opening up here and sharing with us.

Struggling with feeling alone is difficult, but you mention losing the person you found peace in which understandably would make you feel even more alone. Then compound insomnia on top of it where you’re up all night with your thoughts. That’s such a heavy feeling to deal with.

I hope John talking about his similar experiences reminds you that you aren’t alone in what you’re going through and helps you find some peace again.

Holdfast friend, we believe in you.

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Thank you for sharing about these parts of your life here. It is comforting to hear how much their music has helped you during rough seasons of your life. Although I’m truly sorry that loneliness and insomnia have been part of your personal experiences. On top of a sense of loneliness that we can feel throughout the day, it certainly hits differently when it comes at night. I can recall many nights when my worries and anxieties would keep me awake, and how much being awake while the world was asleep was making me feel even more lonely. I’ve only had a peak of what insomnia can look like as a depression symptom – I can only imagine how it’s been for you as it sounds to be a core obstacle in your life at the moment. Rooting for you, friend. Thank you so much for sharing.