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Last June, My girlfriend was leaving work (she’s a nurse) and I was picking her up. Her relief came late and she was going to be late to her next shift at her normal hospital. He proceeded to call her names when she spoke to him about it. so I got out of the car and verbally confronted him. He proceeded to call the cops and state he was assaulted by being lightly pushed and racially harrased because I defended my lady. (He’s Filipino) I will touch base on that again shortly. The local police department is known to be crooked and not care so they didn’t exactly move to quick on this. My girlfriend was getting some calls from them and they were being rude as hell to her so she was filing complaints to the chief about the officers conduct. As they were being and saying out of pocket things to her. Over nothing. A few weeks later I came home from work, notice a detective left a business card and was using the restroom when I heard someone pounding on my door.

I think it’s important to say for the story that I am Black, and I am also a Marine Corps veteran who has deployed to the Middle East. My mind instantly goes to worry, I text my neighbor and it turns out 8 cops are outside my door looking for me. Looking in my car, walking into my backyard. I had to finish my poop so they could wait a minute lol. Anyways, I text my lady that they are coming for me and that I knew something was up because of the business card. I’m a pretty chill relaxed and stoic dude, so I answer the door casually and the officer immediately told me to face the wall and put my hands behind my back. I complied because his partner was about halfway ready to pull his pistol out. The cop told me I’m going down for assault and felony harassment. And that “They finally got my ass, N***r”.

I was not surprised that came out unfortunately, I have heard plenty of warnings of that department’s reputation. Funny thing is not even a minute later he was making small talk about me being in the marines. Like he didn’t just call me a n*****r 2 seconds earlier. I look around and there’s 8 cops surrounding my house, so I’m walking to the car in cuffs feeling like I’m Ted Bundy, (which funny enough I live very close to where he grew up.) and oh! There was no arrest warrant, and I wasn’t marandized.

As I’m about to get put in the car my lady pulls up and goes off on the cops. She was pregnant at the time and the cop was pushing on her stomach (she miscarried shortly after those events) telling her that they’ll take me wherever the hell they please, and that I’m there’s now. Remember. This is all over me defending my girlfriend from a dude that called her a “b*h and a ct” because she said she’s gonna be late for her normal nursing job.
I’m grateful I have my military training, it helped me stay very cool and read the situation better. They tried to break me and it didn’t work. We are rolling to the station and my girlfriend was following so she knew where I would be. They were trying to speed so they could arrest her too which would leave all our pets with nobody to feed them. The cop said that my girl told them that if the officers want to talk to me that they can do their jobs and find me themselves

Which they took offense and sent 14 cops and to arrest me. Oh! They had my contact info, a phone call asking me to answer questions would have sufficed. How did they have that? I applied to be a cop there! Most departments out here don’t want someone that wants to change the perspective of the police. But hey your loss am I right?

Anyways! Sorry! So he is literally alternating from calling me a n*****, to asking about my Marine Corps Career, to telling me to dump my girl, that I should dump her because that six figure salary is pretty nice. To which I replied that I’m not in it for the money. I wanted to help my community. He said that I am getting a felony charge for harassment because I said racial slurs.

Again, he’s Filipino, I have done humanitarian missions in the Philippines numerous times, and not to mention absolutely love the culture and people which is why I went back so many times. The cop said, “you called him a nr, which I believe that because that’s what you n*s call each other all the time”. I like to get a little hood mode to some rap as much as the next guy and I’ll say it if it’s a song lyric I admit. However, I don’t call people that. I grew out of that years ago. We get to the station and it’s basically the same story. I get put in the interrogation room with the detective, but I said I’m gonna play her at her own game.

Still was never marandized, and I basically got her to admit they had no evidence and nothing to go off of. She basically gave me the typical “Detective” routine. Again, I kept my bearing and read her like a book. I have her incriminating herself, and her also saying that the reports we made to internal affairs went straight to the chief and was completely brushed off. Basically making a mockery of our law enforcement system.

I ended up getting put in a holding room with no shoes I might add cause I didn’t have time to grab any, i was denied even though they were two feet away. Some time later, the detective says an officer is gonna take me home and that she’s gonna Reccomend assault charges to the prosecutor, to which nothing even happened and nobody was touched. The case went nowhere obviously cause it was non existent.




We reported this whole incident, the cops still have their badges. And still walk the streets. I said I wasn’t gonna get involved in this. But you guys inspired me to share my story with someone. Sorry it’s so long! That shit scarred me really bad. I keep guns close to me. I hate knocks on the door now. And I’m constantly looking out my window when I hear car doors close or cars drive by. And I know it sounds silly and that situation wasn’t bad per se as someone who’s been beaten or killed.

But that whole time was just a mental battle and I had to outthink, outsmart, and survive against 14 dirty ass cops that could be arresting someone who deserves it. Not an educated, employed, independent, veteran that has a clean record and lives an upstanding life. And I should clarify, I’m not keeping guns close to be violent, I’m keeping them in case I have to protect myself in the event these cops ever hear I reported them and wanna get froggy.


Friend, thank you so much for sharing this here. I can’t even imagine the fear you must have had when 8 cops showed up at your door and immediately started reaching for their gun. Thank you so much for sharing your story here, it is so important that people hear your voice. I am thankful for your service and I’m thankful for your heart, I know you are a kind loving person and I pray that the horror you have faced never changes that. Sending love to you, and again I am so honored that you would share your story here. It is so important.


Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story. I cannot say enough how much it breaks my heart that their actions have caused you to live with concern for typically routine things. You were brave, but you should have never faced that situation in the first place. Your family will be on my heart, thank you again for shedding light on something that has too long been ignored. Your story MATTERS. I hope it inspires others to stand up and speak out.


Hi @BeHeard_Fans #5,

I’m trying to think of what to say to you, but I really can’t think of anything except…

I’m so sorry about everything that happened to you. I’m glad you shared because stories like this need to be told. You didn’t deserve to go through any of those things that happened to you. I’m sorry that nothing happened to the cops who did this, but I’m proud of you for reporting them. It’s the only way to get them on the radar, and if they keep doing terrible actions like this, your report WILL help. I’m sorry about your baby. I’m sorry that you and your girlfriend were called crude names, and for what? It’s just senseless actions. I will probably never know what it’s like to be criticized for the color of my skin, but my heart hurts for you and what you went through.

And last, but certainly not least… Thank you for your service.


I heard your story on twitch today and was completely shocked and hurt. I am so sorry that you and your gf had to go through that. I’m sorry for your loss. I am sorry for all that you endured physically, mentally, emotionally, monetarily. I can’t fathom that pain but I can take your story and help others. You are so brave to have shared it. You are the reason I protest and am actively trying to change these things in our community. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for your service. Hold fast my friend. :heart::black_heart:


Hey friend. We hear you, we see you, we love you.
We read over your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream. Here’s the live video:

Hold fast

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I’m sorry you went through that B.S. Those cops should be a shame of themselves. 14 bad cops can make every cop look worse. It is hard to trust the police force when they’re suppose to protect and serve their communities. Keep being strong, fighter!