Being abused

My dad keeps mentally harassing me. I have nowhere to go, no friends that I can openly talk to, no online friends that really care about me as it always fades away. My dad threatens me to break the door of my room as he keeps calling me for no reason just to see me disturb and he enjoys seeing other people in the family stressed. He already broke the regular lock before which traumatized me and I have a key lock that I found from my mom and because of him I got physically hurt and he is threatening me to destroy that too, just a few minutes ago he was banging the door so heavily I just wanted to cry. He screams my name all day for no reason and when I get there he is like nothing. It really hurts me and I have no one to talk to as I was always the mentally tough guy for everyone and. I have faced racism on the internet which I don’t really care about but sometimes it gets me as I feel like no one wants to talk to me just because of how I look. It’s honestly breaking me down and sometimes I get insecure but I know I will get through this. I just feel like if I was not alive for few days that would be better. I know it is childish to say to but that is how I have been feeling lately. I can’t take this. I have been called many names in the past and my family lies to me and I can’t trust anyone in my family because they all do things for their personal benefits. If you are reading this, thank you. Even though you will forget me or what you read in a few weeks, thank you for caring enough to read this. I love you.


Hey friend, I have never really talked about this part of my life but my dad was the same. So so much abuse. On so many levels. I wish I could give you a fix all, I’m almost 30 and to this day I still have nightmares about him. It wasn’t until a year ago I stood up to him and told him how o felt and told him I was done with him and his abuse. For me when I could I found a safe place. I was lucky, I had a library not far from home so I’d spend a ton of time there. The librarians knew my situation so they’d leave me to read or whatever for as long as I needed. If not there I’d walk out local mall as long as I could, countless laps around that place or I’d ride my bike miles and miles a day to get away just separate from the situation. Idk how old you are but I also reached out to my high school when I was in it and they helped a ton. Gave me safe places to escape and pointed me in a direction for help. The worst days I would get a good book I’d do what I could to please my dad chores done food cooked whatever then I’d dive in my book until I could go to bed. I’m so sorry my heart hurts for you I remember the fear the pain. Just remember you are not alone at all you have soooo many people here to support you and who have felt what you are feeling, keep faith and stay strong friend much love your way from me

Hey MrLynel,

Here is my video response to your post. We hope it helps! Lean on our community, and know that you’re loved and thought of.

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Hello John, thank you for your words of strength. I talked to my grandparents about it and they explained my dad. Things are better now and I’m doing much better. He said he would not do it but that might just be for a few months. I have many things that I find interest in and I’m glad I can experience them and learn new things about our planet ! I hope that you are doing well in your personal life as well and don’t work yourself too much and take proper rest. Thank you again for taking care of the community !


Listen I can’t relate to you very much. But I have a bad father too. He has mentally abused me for years. I don’t see him anymore since my parents are divorced. And I’m very lucky that I got the strength to say no and to even have a chance to not see him. But if there’s one thing I know it’s that this won’t last forever. Things come and go. And it may seem like forever. But this will soon be a distant memory. I have hope that you’ll make it. And everything will be better. I wish I could tell you when but I can’t. I don’t know when I just know it will. You are loved and this world would be a worst place without you. Your life has value. You have value. I wish I could help you but I don’t think there is anything I can do. All I can do is say that you are strong. You will make it. And you got this. Here is a hotline that you can call. Try your best to stay strong I know it’s hard. But just take it day by day. And when you think of the future think about how much better things will be. Have a dream. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is, just try to think positively. I know it can be hard. And this pain weights you down but you aren’t alone. Let others help you and lighten to load. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. You are loved.

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