Being ghosted is something that s very painful i s

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Being ghosted is something that’s very painful. I struggle with rejection and abandonment as it is, so I agree, being ghosted definitely affects/causes anxiety and depression.

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Hi there. I 100% agree with you. As someone who this happens to quite a lot I find it extremely rude and disrespectful. It takes two minutes to reply or send a message. However, on the flip side of this, I also understand that some people may ghost because they feel uncomfortable or unappreciated. It’s a difficult situation. Hope this helps a little :yellow_heart:

Being ghosted can be a very painful experience. It’s not just someone walking away from the relationship or friendship, it’s also the fact that you’re left with no answers. Your mind can start to create all these different ideas and scenarios. All the unsaid conversations start to play over in your mind and at the best of it you’re still left with radio silence.
I agree that it can definitely affect or heighten anxiety and depression.
Hopefully there comes a time when the thoughts cease to keep replaying and when you are reminded of those people it doesn’t send a pain to your heart.

Sometimes when we don’t get the grace of being told if we did something that upset them or if it’s just something going on in their lives that they are embarrassed to face, we can only accept that we will love ourselves to our best ability and keep reminding ourselves that we deserve it.

Yea, being ghosted plenty sucks and hurts a lot. On one hand, it’s understandable that sometimes/in some situations one can feel so stuck or overwhelmed that their way to end a relationship is to fully stop talking to the other person. But on the other end, it leaves you with deep a lack of closure that is so hard to compose with. When there is no explaination on what happened, when you are not giving the keys to understand what went wrong, your mind can start wandering in so many different places, imagine so many scenarios and “what ifs”… So hard. It feels like wandering into a desert without any warning. Like a part of your has been cut off suddenly but you can still feel it very much.

I was ghosted twice in my life and it is something that I’ll never forget. Even though I understood rationally why someone would make this decision, it felt like a betrayal because there was no willingness to communicate. Even a goodbye can go a long way to let the other person mourn. It took me huge amount of time to move forward and really train my brain to stop ruminating over what happened/what could have been done better. Somehow, there is peace to find in the release of the relation, and focusing on what is in your control at the moment. When someone ghosts you, they make a decision - their decision, even if it’s for two -, and that is not something you can control. Some conversations/conflicts/issues can be highly uncomfortable for someone to talk about, and their way to communicate is to withdraw. It’s unfortunate, it hurts as hell, although at the end of the day it is their decision to choose to not communicate. Relationships are made of two people.

I hope with all my heart that, on your end, you can find peace and closure. Be patient with yourself, as much as possible. Your mind may wander into unfriendly territories as you process a loss, and somehow torture you with plenty of “what ifs” - but this is the reflection of your pain and hurt, not a reflection of your worth. You matter very much. Whatever relationships struggle you may encounter/have encountered - it does not define you. Sending friendly thoughts your way.