Being harassed on reddit

People are harassing me on a post I made on reddit. It’s making me feel sick with how people can be such assholes.

Should I just delete my comments so they have to stop? I reported and blocked some of them, as well as reported to the mods.

Its making me loose faith in humanity with how awful they are when I was just trying to help someone o.O

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Hey @sakurasangel,

I’m sorry people are harassing you. :frowning: It’s sad that Internet is often a place of trolling and showing a lot of unecessary aggressivity… but thankfully not everyone behave like this. Just the fact that you were helping someone shows that good things can happen online, and that’s really awesome! :slight_smile:

Good thing that you reported and blocked them. Not everyone does that, while it’s helpful and important to keep places safe. Regarding the deletion of your comment or not, I’d say do what is safe for you and what you believe is fair. If you delete it, that’s okay. If you don’t, maybe avoid the subreddit for a certain time (also to give time to the mods to react). If there’s a lot of negativity, you don’t need to let your heart be affected by what’s posted there. :heart:

Thank you for helping someone out there, it’s really neat. You’re awesome. <3


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