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I feel like everyone else is getting their life going and like I’m just slowly pedaling along on the highway of life on some tricycle while others are blasting by on rockets


Right behind you says the lost turtle!
Noone knows what’s at the end of the highway. Better to see it from afar than to rush in blindly.

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I totally feel this! I have had all sorts of changes and ups and downs and haven’t felt like I had it figured out and I’m about to be 28… BUT that’s okay. We are all (or at least most of us) feeling like we aren’t where we want to be or don’t feel like we know what to do next and that’s part of life. It’s frustrating right now but don’t beat yourself up by comparing your journey in life to others’. It’s okay for your life journey to look different. You will do great things and your life is meaningful NOW.


That feeling is so relatable to me. Been through some major changes in my life this year, and I keep feeling like I’m doomed to be stuck where I am, with too many struggles carried like a burden. It’s hard not to compare my life with others sometimes, especially people I knew at school because we have the same age. They have jobs, families, and I see this from the outside, like I’ll never be able to reach that myself. It’s defeating sometimes. Yet it’s also important to be careful with comparisons like that and remind ourselves that our life is just unique.

Definitely a good image, the one with the tricycle. Especially because it helps to emphasize the fact that… it doesn’t really matter if you’re moving on slowly or quickly. What matters is to keep pedaling along on the highway of life. Just because… we’re actually all on different paths. And it’s certainly not a race. It’s only about experiencing, learning, progressing, falling sometimes then getting back on our tricycle. :slight_smile:

It’s easy to fall in that comparison trap and feel like we’re late behind everyone else. Especially now, with social medias, where we can see a lot of of others life only through what they actually decide to show. What if they feel the same way about their own life? Like they’re failing or not doing enough?

Maybe you’re not blasting by on rockets, but where were you a few years ago? You certainly learned to pedal in a better way, maybe not all the time, maybe not as you expected, but at least more frequently or more effectively. Friend, the first person you can compare with is yourself. This is about your life, your dreams, your journey, and no one else. This is about what you’re living, and no one else. <3

Sometimes, this kind of feeling can be productive too. It can be a good start to reflect on what’s frustrating in our life right now. Any goal you want to reach but don’t know how? Any disappointment that you have a hard time to let go? Any circumstance in your life that’s frustrating you right now? Once you identify what leads you to feel like you’re “just slowly pedaling”, then you can absolutely work on it and find new strategies.

There’s two exercises on the Support Wall that I’d like to recommend you. I think you could find a lot of value in those - it could be worth it to have a look at it:

In any case, just a reminder here: you’re enough as you are, friend. And you are loved and cared for. :hrtlegolove:


A lot of friends are married or got married shortly after High School. I’m now almost 26 and single. I have cousins younger than me that are married. I just felt so behind everyone.

Then the wave of divorces hit.

Guess who’s not a single parent.

Not to brag, honestly I love these people and I hate what happened in their lives to lead to divorce.

Moral of the story: insert “Why are you running?” meme


I’d rather not be in a rush either - unfortunately it’s become an expectation that we always have to be active, goal-oriented and pushing for something. I have spent my life pretty much not knowing what I want to do with it, and a sense of what I actually want to do has only now hit me in my thirties… for some people it comes later. One fantastic thing about ambling by instead of rushing is that you also get to notice more. Spend an hour just looking at a tree, or listening to the birds. I know I am late to the party with this but big hugs !

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