BF issues maybe breaking up

"Side note we both have trust issues and stuff " So I text my BF yesterday night asked if he loves me and i that ask if he really like our relationship " he reply back “i’ll talk to you tommour” which really upset because he was trying get away from topic and he usually say he love me which got me worried the next day I saw him on lunch break (usally only time i see him and after noons after school) He told he but there a change we breaking up and that he need think about our reletionship :frowning: I’m so upset i love him he my price charming I finally found in love with someone who i though i would be forever and this is happening i blame myself maybe nobody will love me I can’t do this maybe it better off im dead no more getting hurt and pain

Hey @Jaceofspade - I’m sorry to hear that you’re currently having relationship issues with your boyfriend. Don’t blame yourself. Stay strong. You can get through this. Is this the same boyfriend you posted about last July?

Hi @Jaceofspade I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. I just want to echo what Eric said to not blame yourself. It’s not your fault and isn’t fair to blame yourself since you’re only 50% of the equation. If you do have things that you regret or would change in the relationship, that’s completely okay and it absolutely doesn’t mean that it’s your fault that he wants to take some space. In fact that’s something that will make the relationship so much stronger as long as you both communicate openly and honestly. By reading your post I can tell that you love and care about him very much and are willing to make things work again. It might just be that he was tired or had something going on and didn’t think that his reply would hurt. Have you tried talking to him about it?
Just remember that however he treats you or responds will never take away from what makes you amazing and worthwhile as a person and partner. I believe that you will get through this, remember that this is temporary and it’s an experience that will teach you a lot and that something better in the future will come because of it, even if for the next while that seems impossible. You are loved more than you realize and deserve a boyfriend who loves you with his whole heart like I’m sure you do for him. Please be kind to yourself and know that I’m here rooting for you.

Hey Jace,

I just want to tell you that I hear you, and I see you, and you are loved friend. Your life matters and you are important. I am praying for you, and I trust that God has a plan for you through all of this.

With that being said, I feel like the issue of the breakup isn’t something that any words I could say would fix. A few things I would encourage you to do is try to sit down and talk to him face to face and talk about what he feels like is the issues in the relationship and see if it’s something that can be solved. But don’t beg him to stay, if he wants to go let him go! And believe me I know that’s sucky advice to hear and we never want to do it, but I learned begging them to stay will just end in pain in the future.

Now the other thing I want to mention here is just because this one guy doesn’t want to be with you (if that’s the case) doesn’t mean that nobody will ever want to be with you or you will never meet your one. I’ve been there after a breakup or even now, that I will forever be alone, but I believe that God has a plan for your life! Keep your head up, we love you and we are here for you.

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,