Bipolar schizoaffective

I’m usually the one that helps people so it’s weird reaching out. I have bipolar schizoaffective and no one in my family knows except my sister with the same illness. These last few days have tough, I feel so sad and depressed and no motivation to do anything. I graduated school in January in occupational therapy and am now studying to take my boards but the stress of that and financials of it have me more depressed. I am on medication, I literally have no reason to be sad but yet here I am. I am exhausted from fighting and crying.

Hi, Chrissy!

It’s okay to be the one who needs to reach out sometimes! It’s okay and human. Sometimes we are the strength for others and sometimes we need the strength of others to help hold us up to!

I am sorry that you are having a hard time right now. Finances can be a huge stress. I sure do know that! But I am sorry that it has you feeling so down.

We all have our moments where life just is exhausting, stressful, tiring and draining.

I just want you to know that you are loved and appreciated! And while I can’t take away those stresses for you, you have a friend here walking along side willing to listen and be a support for you!

I hope that you can find something that will bring you some peace and comfort in all of this stress. Whether its by listening to some calming music, playing a game, chatting with friends or finding something to do out of the house. Take a moment to just breathe and relax. Maybe some yoga or meditation. To recenter yourself and your mind.

Feel better my friend. You are cared for <3


Thank you❤️ I needed that. It’s just frustrating when you’re depressed and have absolutely no reason to be.

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