Black sheep of family

I feel like the black sheep of my family. I do a lot of things that are more unorthodox. Well 1. It’s really hard to navigate with bipolar disorder so I feel like they treat me like a ticking time bomb sometimes. 2. I like alot of things they dont. For instance, I smoke weed when I have anxiety, cannabis also helps me sleep. My one sister tried scolding me for it. 3. I used to dance in clubs. It was hard but I get judged for it. 4. I get judged by my sister for having more guy friends. She said I should have more girl friends. I just happen to get along with guys…it just happened that they become my friends. 5. My whole family thought I was crazy for moving to a new city this summer. It was my dream for years. My sister even yelled at me. My other sister said “why on earth are you doing this. I don’t understand”. Everyone was eventually happy for me but fighting for that support was a lot.
My older sisters try to act like my parents. Sometimes I guess it’s nice to have shared wisdom but I’m tired of listening to what I should do or what I should be. One of my sisters is more accepting than the other. Overall, my family tends to think of me as the wild, crazy one. My sisters want to catch up over video this weekend but I internally freaked out and said I’m busy. Sometimes they can be negative and only want to talk about politics or the virus…and I’m just tired. I don’t have room for heaviness at the moment. I don’t think they should be fake positive but I just have an idea of what they want to talk about. I sometimes have opposing views on life and don’t really feel like having any disagreements.


I’m sorry, you feel this way! You can always message me if you need someone to talk to

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Hey Rosethorn,

Megs_26 responded to your post live on stream today with some amazing words of encouragement!

Here is a link to the video so you can watch her reply to you


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