Breakup pt. 2

God Im in such a bad state right now. I’ve only gotten out of bed like twice in the past 4 days, i haven’t brushed my hair or my teeth, i haven’t showered. I feel like shit. I eat maybe one small thing a day if i’m lucky. Me and my ex have agreed to stay friends but he barely even talks to me anymore. I’m trying so hard to talk to him and make conversation and nothing seems to work. All day I catch myself scrolling through old texts, crying. I miss when he thought I was the coolest person in the world. When he would go out of his way to call me pretty all the time and use bad, cheesy pickup lines on me. I miss having somebody to kiss and hug and cuddle. I had so many things I still wanted to do with him. Why me? Why now?


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there again, friend! I’m sorry you are still feeling so sad but it will take time to heal from this. You will be sad for a long time. I hope our previous words and our new ones bring you some comfort during this difficult time. Hang in there :hrtlegolove:



Hi sa1emzz I’m sorry you’re going thru this, it’s going to take some time to get over, but you will. I’m curious if you read all the responses from Part 1 of your story. There is a lot of support for you there. ~Mystrose


From: twixremix

hey friend,
i’m so sorry you’re going through this heartbreak. please consider starting tasks like these slowly, giving yourself patience and forgiveness. start by brushing your teeth, you’ll feel a bit better, go back to bed. once you feel the strength to feel good about something new, change your bed sheets. keep going, go easy on yourself, and do what you need to in order to make it to a new day. this storm will soon pass and you will get through this dark time. i believe in you, my friend! keep us posted on how you’re doing, you got this!


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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, as I said in the last post I have been where you are right now I would seriously encourage you to be around people that care, it is how i got through that hard time, keeping my mind on other people and things even when its the last thing you feel like doing, get out and do something, its the best advice i can give you. Nothing is going to change overnight and being friends is a weird situation, often is doesn’t work but if you want to give it a go good luck with that. Much Love Lisa. x

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it’s a cycle, when our mental state is bad, our physical is affected, and when the physical is affected, the mental is further affected. You’re in the most painful part of a break up. Agreeing to stay friends may sound lovely on paper, but it’s not something you have to hold yourself to, or try to force yourself to do. A clean break is sometimes easier when you have less access to them. Blocking and deleting them helps because it get rid of the temptation to rehash and relive the memories.
Give yourself some mental space from him, him not talking to you may be what’s best right now. Maybe you can be friends later on, there is no rush. Right now, you gotta take care of the most important you can care about – yourself.

Guess what? If he thought you were cool and pretty, maybe those things were the truth. And since you’re still the same person, there’s an almost 100% possibility that you’re still the coolest and prettiest one around.

Getting out of bed, showering, eating… they’re hard right? there seems like there’s no real point to it? How about you try to do one tiny thing tomorrow? If you can’t shower, maybe splash some water on your face. Open a window to let in some fresh air. If you can’t do your hair, maybe change into some clean clothes. Can’t find energy to cook, maybe order some soup and veggies, or get some Ensure or other meal supplement drinks to nourish yourself.

Do one tiny thing for yourself. You matter, just the way you are. Things WILL get better. Nothing in life stays constant or the same.
There is great power and comfort in “This, too, shall pass”.
Feel the hurt, feel the feelings… but know that even if it seems endless now, the pain will end, things will get better.


Thank you <3
this reply really helped me.
Whenever I was little, my mom used the “This too shall pass” line a lot, and me and my mom aren’t super close anymore so it definitely made me tear up a bit.


if you accept hugs, here’s me sending you a big virtual hug (or a handshake, if you are more comfy with those).

Hope you have a better day today, with one thing that you do just for you, friend! Let us know how it goes for you!


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