Broke my streak again... tw sh

once again i broke my streak, it was only like a day or maybe half a day that I was clean, and earlier i gave myself 22 cuts on my thigh because i got upset and i just think i shouldn’t be alive idk, I’m too scared to kill myself tho, so it just sucks to think about how much i want to kill myself but not even have the guts to do it, I’m just so weak, and even when i cut myself i get scared, like the other day i accidentally cut my wrist while i was cutting my arm and i started freaking out because I’m just such a wuss. i just really wish i wasn’t alive anymore.


Hey I recently broke my streak again as well. I also cut myself. First have taken care of the wounds? Secondly being scared that you’re going to die doesn’t mean that you are a wuse just that some part of you still wants to live.

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Hi friend. I am so sorry you’re hurting. First I want to encourage you that relapse is often a part of recovery, it’s not the end of the recovery road just to step in the process.

I wanted to make something for you. So I created and dedicated this instagram post to you:

Hope it helps sending love



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