Burning off a bad habit

I’ve had this recent issue when I’m tired or exhausted and alone, I get overwhelmed easily and have to fight the urge to punch or throw something. I decide to run in circles, dance, just another way to burn off my pent up energy with my favorite upbeat music, and it worked the past 2 times I’ve done it!! I’m so happy about this.

If you go through this too I highly recommend finding a way to physically burn off whatever is pent up in your system.

Take care, everyone :heart:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thanks so much for such an uplifting post, its always lovely to read something from someone who has experienced something great that works that they can then share to others so thank you again for being a positive force for mental health. You are loved. x


From: listening2day

As they say…dance with the wind! Great coping skills!


From: ManekiNeko

I don’t know if you’ve seen hot rod at all, but the scene where he punch dances his rage out used to make me laugh so hard, and then I realised just how cathartic it actually was! I’m really glad you’ve found a way to release those feelings in a healthy way, and also to note when those feelings are around, because it’s really easy to get carried away with it.



Hi Friend, it’s really great that you’ve found that exercise helps you. It’s very inspirational! ~Mystrose


Yay @itsnotoveryet, I’m so glad to hear that this is working for you! It’s amazing to hear that you are developing healthy coping mechanisms and I hope that you continue on this awesome, upward trajectory.

Thank you for sharing your update and advice with us! You rock!

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Hey Itsnotoveryet,

I am so glad that you’ve found a practice that helps you process your urges! And in such a great/fun way! Gotta ask… do you put on music to dance to? (Willing to share your favorite tracks???) GO YOU!!!

You Rock! (Or Hip-Hop? Pop? Classical?)


From: twixremix

hey friend,

this is an awesome technique to burn off energy or extra emotions! thank you so much for sharing your experience and i hope you can find any extra sense of separation from the things that make you feel overwhelmed or aggravated to the point of punching/throwing things. i’m proud of you for taking what could have been negative reactions (i.e. punching) and turning it into a fun expression of emotions through running, dancing, and any other sense of exercise. i hope you can keep going in this new method to burn off your feelings and stress!