Burnout anger and depression


Its been a really long time since i have been here, i really want to try therapy but i just dont have the time for it.
I have been feeling really stressed. I will be writing exams for the last two courses of my honours degree and i also work full time. My job is absolutely toxic, at work when you work hard instead of a promotion you get a more intense workload and more responsibility for the same salary. It is a very high pressured environment, an organisation that praises putting in overtime at your own cost without expecting pay. I want to resign but i need the money. I deal with a supervisor who micromanages and doesnt have the brain power to understand anything, he forces tasks upon the team and will ask 1000 times if its done. i really dont understand how he got the supervisor job title because he doesnt even understand the work or the software we use. I really dont know how i am going to even write my exams, my workplace doesnt approve leave requests. They pretty much tell you when you are allowed to take leave, it is so difficult to even make time for studies but I try my best. I dont know whether to resign and complete my exams and look for another job or to just push through and continue working here until i find better. I dont really have anyone to talk to. My parents dont really care about my situation, i have tried venting but they just dont say anything so i wont be venting… I dont really trust my friends or colleagues. I would like some advice because i actually have been feeling extreme anxiety and anger. I dont want to even be alive anymore… living is a scam.


Hello my friend,
thank you so much for sharing and also for coming back to us.
i am sorry to hear, that you have this much to deal with at this time. it does not only sound like much, it
is really much.
in times like these we often forget to look after ourselves. i can relate a lot to this. work is consuming the
most part of our daily lives. in my case, my work was everything the last years.
also at work, the companies have much more they want from their worders. better, faster, smarter. the
competition is stronger and have the feel to constantly prove yourself to others. often, i would say nearly
always they forget that there is a human, inside of the employee.
you should be functionable, the whole day. just doing what you’ve been told.
when you besides that, have to deal with your exam, with school, that needs to let you study besides is puts
a lot of pressure on you. to manage all of that, will be most overwhelming. it can come to a collapse.
that is why it is more than needed, to look aftter yourself. to give yourself the care that you need. your needs
and cares.
you are aware that it is too much right now. that is a first great step, also that you have reached out here.
a therapy, or a self help group should be something that you should consider, the time is worth it.
you should be worth that time for you !
our focus group runs on tuesdays at 9 pm UCT on our discord server, with the topic burnout. maybe take a
look in that. i know that the time is a big factor.
what might be something for you, is to build up little routines into your daily life. little things that you can enjoy,
where you can calm down in times of trouble and stress. find a safe place for yourself. something for a few
minutes that gives you a well needed boost. like a song, where you just flee into. a little walk outside, only
focused on breathing. relax your mind in that time, and focus only on the breath that fills your lungs.
little things can matter most, also in that case.
when you builded up routine one, start the next one. you will recognize that it helps. it also helps me.
therapy helped me the most to date.
worries and tougths inside of your head, your struggles, are needed to speak out, reach out. you have done
that here. you can do that with the people you love, they will support you. you are not alone in this.
you also can come back to us, anytime you want. post your struggles, as comfortable as you are here.
life is hard, life is overwhelming. but also we learn on our journey through life, to make is beautiful and
blooming for ourselves. you matter ! you are loved, by your family, your friends. we care about you, as them.
feel hugged and have a wonderful day. :purple_heart:

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Hi @Need_help2705

@Aardvark Gave you some really good advice about burnout. I just wanted to just add that if you are in the States, there are workplace laws and if you are being forced to work overtime without pay, your Employer can get in big big trouble. You can file a report thru the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s not ok to treat your employees like you’ve been treated.

Please take care of yourself. You matter!