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My daily thought: We all get busy in life with our dreams of being who we want to be in life that we forget to pause for a moment to really appreciate what we have achieved and accomplished in life also what we have around us. So take a moment to step back and take a break and appreciate the small things in life that we have succeed so far in is what truly matters.


I totally agree! Such appreciation allows success to build on itself. The more positive you see, the more you can see.


Also enjoy little things in life.
Small moments where you find happiness in. The sun on your skin, the sound and smell of rain.
Be kind to others and see how they react. Smile.
There are good people arround and good people here.
Have a nice day everyone, feeld hugged and lovely greetings


Completely agreed. While I’m so wrapped up in my pessimistic ways.

Since the birth of my son, I’ve gotten 2 promotions, a pay raise, have goals set, Battling addiction, and working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you friend!


Thank you @RickyP for this gentle reminder. I completely agree with your thoughts there. It’s incredible how much we can get caught up into our own minds, to the point of not seeing anymore what’s around us, to the point of missing the beauty of daily life. I’m a firm believer that the deepest sparks of life hold in the most simple and direct experiences that we tend to underestimate and undervalue, even if it’s not intentional.

Love your perspective – it was a needed reminder! Thank you. Hope you enjoy these little yet powerful source of joy in your life this week-end. You are loved dearly. :hrtlegolove:

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