Can feel old wounds opening again

Had a bad day at work, made realize how much of a weirdo I am compared to others around me.

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Jax it takes all types of people to make this world what it is. Im not sure why you feel like you are so different but being diifferent isnt always a bad thing. Sometimes when im in a big group of people i get over whelming anxiety to he point that I just want to get out of the situation but I just realize those feelings are coming from myself Im projecting all those feelings keep your head up i assure you know one thinks that you are weird. Keep shinning brightđź’ś

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I don’t my coworkers sure seem to think it’s weird I don’t have a driver’s license at 26

Sorry about that I was letting my negativity get the better of me.

Jax everyone has days filled with negative vibes its how we deal with them that matters … Im here if you need to talk keep shinning :sun_with_face: bright

Thanks I’m doing a lot better.

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Hi friend. You are not a weirdo! It’s okay to be different and not necessarily be like everyone else.

Growing up I was always told how weird I am. As an autistic I think and act differently and often stand out from others.

You know, in ways, I can be weird. Like silly, bubbly. But us being weird in that light is not a bad thing.

I do not know what happened at work, but if you want to talk about it, you are more than welcome to.

Also, I see that you mentioned you didn’t get your license till you were 26. You know what? I didn’t get my license till my mid 20s. And as a 34 year old, I still don’t drive much. It’s just too hard on me. I can only drive locally and very nearby. Public transportation makes me anxious. That doesn’t make you weird just because you aren’t everyone else.

Society has a cruel way of making us feel like we have to be like everyone else. Making us feel like we are weird if we don’t do things at the same pace and speed. But the truth is, it’s okay to be different and to do things differently.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter what they think. It doesn’t matter at all. Their negative opinions on what you do is literally just wasted energy.

Be you. Don’t let them bring you down. This has been something I’ve had to learn over the course of the years. It’s so hard. We have to try not to let what others think of our lives and differences bother us. What matters is those we love, those we care about. US. Ourselves. It’s okay to be you. Seriously.


Much love friend

  • Kitty

Hey being weird isn’t a bad thing. I’m weird. No one is the same and if people are making you feel bad for who you are that says more about them than it does about you. You deserve love. You are important

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I second what Taylor said!!! It says more about them than you! <3