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Can never able to independent/ can’t fix mistakes

Just found that my main boss, does not want to hire me as employee. I’m sub janitor at a school system was subbing for a while. As person with dyslexia and autism, I’m not capable of working a regular job. Not even good at working as fast food employee and kinda cheat my way through school. People believe I don’t try hard enough or I’m not perfect. But I do try my very best and just want to make an honest so I move out my parents and have a life. It fuck up god forbidden you have a disability and you not perfect. There other asshole that don’t even try and they get better job cuase they are not like me. It get mad they us just work hard and you will get there. Fuck the American dream. I know I’m not a great person, but I Amit my mistakes and trying to learn from them. Just wish people could give me a chance



Boy do I related to all of this. I am someone else with multiple disabilities I suck at a lot. I cant hold down a job because my health is terrible and I have so much wrong with me. I will not go into all of that but I will say this I have a disorder like autism, as well has multiple medical health issues, blindness, and deafness. I am going to say this it takes a lot more for us to be able to do something but something I have found is that in order to be stronger for ourselves we need to say this person says this about me but that doesnt make me less it makes be better than the typical person. You have to work harder than they do and if they dont see that it is their loss. Also I am sorry they didnt want to hire you. Dont let them define you as not good enough for them. Only you set your worth and value not others around you.

Hold fast and know if you need someone that understands disabilities I am here.


I don’t know if this can be helpful or not, but maybe it’s worth a try.

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