Can relate to corey i have had depression most of

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Can relate to Corey I have had depression most of my life depression sucks. Also hurts too get constantly gaslit when you’re dealing with depression.


I appreciate your sharing and vulnerability in this time, I hope so much that you have been freed from the gaslighting situation.
The toll it must have taken on the already heavy mental health must have been one that’s been unimaginable and undeservedly so.

I’m glad you’re here x

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hey friend, depression sure does suck! i’m so sorry you had to go through being gaslit on top of depression as well. what a horrible combination on your heart… i hope you’re healing journey from the gaslighting has been going smoothly. you deserve only the best - love, peace, validation, comfort, and so on. thank you for opening up about what you’ve endured in life and i’m wishing you all the best as you keep heading forward in life!

Hi there, I am really sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way. Dealing with depression can be very challenging, especially when you feel like people do not understand or hear you. I want you to know that speaking up and saying how you feel is very brave and admirable. I am wishing you all the best and hope you are free from the gaslighting situation. You matter and deserve so much more than that.

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@@HeartSupport Thanks once again for your understanding and support that means alot love your channel too. Especially since you love Slipknot and metal music as much as I do :metal::metal::metal:!

​@@HeartSupportSlipknot - People = Shit (Live London 2002)
You’ll have a ton to talk about. And it’s a great song.