Can't get over my ex

Hey guys!

This is my second post here and people have been already very helpful and I am also trying to help others as well reading through your problems and trying to give advice the same way you gave me, so firstly- I thank you.

Secondly, the pain is back again. This time it is because of my ex. We broke up in March this year and up until recently I thought I was doing fine. Until now.

Let me give you a little background info, so hold on tight.

So my ex and I were together for just two months- and I know that does not compare to relationships that were years long, however I do not think that makes the love that I felt for him any less strong.

He was so imperfect- yet I loved him. He was my first relationship in all the sense possible. He was dark and broken and could be mean, judgmental and insensitive. The moment he told me he did not believe in having feelings at all, I knew this man could never love me. Yet I was an idiot and I tried to force a relationship because for a little time at the beggining he made me really happy. Then he started getting cold out of nowhere, he was disrespectful to me in subtle, but painful ways. It drove me to the point that I acted too irrational- sending him crazy texts and such- a thing that I have never done before and is so different to who I really am as a person.

Then he broke up with me with a text message. And for a long time I felt really guilty. Because the break up happened when he was having a meltdown at work and he became cold towards me so I suggested that we should take a break. I felt so guilty for saying that when he had a hard time, but afterwards he made me feel more guilty. He called me crazy and dramatic and even tough I tried to patch things up he dissapeared and then broke up with me. It ruined me. I think, probably this is what let me to write my first post on this forum in the first place.

The problem is I still miss him. I blocked him on everything but I still think about him. We were incompatible in every way possible but I still love him. What could I do? How can I move on?

Please, I would really need some adivce here. Thank you.


I’ve been in a similar situation, emotionally. I had to push myself to move on. It hurt so bad when I did, and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But I also had to remind myself what was best for myself. It doesn’t make it hurt any less, but it definitely helped dampen the fire until I finally got to the point where it didn’t sting anymore.

I hope that maybe that offers some light. I know it’s not the best advice, but I’ll give what I can. And keep reaching out here.

<3 Tara

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I relate to this a lot. I got dumped recently and we had only dated two months, barely. But we were so in love it didnt matter that this may have been the shortest for my part.
As for this person you have been with. Sounds like not the right kind of person for you. But me saying that won’t help the pain. A lot of things won’t help the pain, only numb but later intensify.

My advice for you is to continue reflecting, continue reaching out to us. It is natural to miss someone we love. We don’t always love people who are good for us. I blocked my ex everywhere. I talk about my pain with people, I write it down. Time passes, it will start to feel less painful. It is sadly all about just continuing on despite the pain. Know that you will find someone else more kind and loving. Know that this pain will soon be a memory. If you need to vent, message me. Post here.

Sending hugs and support!

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thank you so much Palefires! You have no idea how much your words matter to me <3 all love

x Soda

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Hey @sodahead94,

I’m so sorry to hear about the pain that you’re struggling with upon losing the relationship with your ex!

I was actually going to suggest this. I fell HARD for a girl many years ago, however the feelings weren’t mutual. I didn’t have the willpower to simply NOT visit her social media profiles, so I decided to remove her from my friend lists. This still didn’t do the trick, so I ended up blocking her. I can assure you that, over time, your pain will subside. Until then, it’ll be hard and painful. I’ve been there and it sucks, but I promise you that it’ll get better. Hold tight friend, you got this.


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Thank you Eric for your feedback on my posts! This is actually the first forum I found where people are actively engaging and helping each other. It feels nice to belong to such a great community!

Your words are very helpful. I hope I can return some of my advice if you ever feel like talking.

All love,


Hey soda!

Sounds like your going through the same thing as me right now! Me and my ex split a few weeks ago and I have been devastated by it and have really not been looking after myself and putting myself first. Trust me I know it’s hard it really is but reaching out on her does help, I know you have replied on one of my posts feel free to message if you want to chat about it!

Power to you