Catch 22 at work

Work and risk Corona or go dishwasher shopping and start family feuds?

I’m already stressed at work pulling the majority of the hrs. Because of my coworkers limited schedule. My boss called me to work on my day off tomorrow. I risk getting Corona every time I go to work. I’m around too many people and there is no way to enforce capacity. I’m stressed by the work load also. For the first time ever since working with this job for years, when offered extra hours at work I had to say: can I get back to you on that?

Irl people only see the money involved but not the risks.

The only good thing is he’s also bringing in the other coworker in and splitting the shift into to different shifts where my coworker works the 1st part with most of the work and I work the second part and just focus on locking down the building and getting it ready for me to work the next day. While the 3rd coworker refuses to work.

If I say no the company wouldn’t be hurting but also it wouldn’t make any kind of change promoting statements either. If I work I feel like I’m supporting horrible employer practices tho and they would continue.

Work is such a big part of our lives and I can sense the frustration and confusion in your post. On top of feeling stressed, you have to worry about the pandemic, coworkers who are causing more stress for you, and feeling like you’re being taken advantage of.
It sounds like in the past you’ve been pretty available and willing to take on the extra hours so I’m sure that’s causing a lot of hesitation to not want to do that now, since it feels like an established normal for you. It’s okay to say no or need space from work, which it sounds like you’re thinking a lot about right now. I hope that you feel able to say no when you need to and can rest easy with whatever decision you make. This pandemic is adding so much extra stress to work places. :confused:
Thank you for sharing with us. I hope that getting it out there helped to think through it a little bit or ease some of the tension around your thoughts on work right now. Best wishes

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