Check in august 10 2019

Hey everyone, just wanna let you know im doing a better and also wanna thank everyone for reaching and helping. I do vent here because it is safer. I used to vent on facebook and intrasgram, it got people wrong and had the wrong idea of me. So when do vent , most of time it not life treaten, but I do need a way to get mess up thought in mind out in healthy enviroment and not make my friends and family worry. Again thank you for the support.


I don’t post stuff on Facebook because it’s often is taken wrong or over looked. I always try to be careful of what I put on there unless I edit the audience to be just a few close friends. I have a lot of my partners family and co-workers on Facebook that I don’t really want to include on my deeper personal thoughts. And with Twitter, I’m not a streamer so it always felt like people didn’t really care about what I said. So I saved my more personal feelings for a journal, here or some place safe. I’ve learned that most social media is not the best for private feelings. That’s just been my experience

But we are always here to listen on the wall!


You’re welcome. Thank you for giving HS a chance.

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