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Chronic Pain Worsening Depression


I already have regular depression for seemingly no reason. Its worsened so much because my back and neck hurt all the time. I have neck problems and sciatica and I’m already being treated for it. But days like this just make me want to give up. I wake up and I feel like there is no point because I hurt constantly all day. Some days arent like this with my back but a lot are. Today I’m just feeling terrible and have been fighting the urge to cry all day. I’m only 20 years old and I hate not being able to do anything and just wanting to cry because of pain. It makes my depression horrible.


Hey @Hollyb102,

I’m Hannah, I am an intern at HS. Thank you so much for sharing this, thank you for being a part of this community, and for being vulnerable with us here.

I am so sorry to hear you’re struggling with so much. It sounds like your chronic physical pain is worsening your mental health and they are just playing off of each other. Man, I can’t even imagine what thats like. It must be so hard to badly both of those at once. I am glad to hear you’re being treated for your sciatica, I hope that they are able to figure out some treatment that will help relieve more of the pain.

I have so much respect for you! I struggle with really bad clinical depression, and I simply cannot imagine having to deal with a chronic pain as well. You are so brave and so strong. I wonder if it might help to see someone for the depression too, like a counselor or therapist. I am not sure if that is something you are already doing, but if it isn’t then I would strongly encourage you to. I know that therapy really helps me handle my depression better.

Keep fighting, you’re doing amazing. We are always here for you, to love and support you. We are so happy that you are apart of our community.

Hold Fast,

  • Hannah


Thank you so much! Your comment actually made me feel tons better. :slight_smile:


Truly sorry you’re going through this, my heart goes out to you. You’re cared for and loved so much here. Come join the discord, it’s awesome. Hang in there friend.