Chronic painful boredom

I’ve suffered from boredom my whole life. When I’m busy in life I often have anxiety but not boredom. When I’m not busy I struggle to fill the day. I’ve been ill a lot recently and that’s made it a lot worse. I end up falling into bad habits just to pass the time.

I’d appreciate any advice from people who’ve been in similar situations on how to encourage myself to do things. Particularly long term solutions. I have multiple extra issues that aggravate this problem, and keep it hanging around. I have bad feet so I can’t travel much. Poor so I can’t afford much. Have social anxiety too.

Thank you for your thoughts :slight_smile:


This may not fit for you, but I listen to a lot of podcasts and while I do, I color adult (more detailed than kids books, not R rated!) coloring books. I color with colored pencils. They are both cheap at the dollar store or you can order them from Amazon. Sometimes, if I like what I’ve done enough I’ll mail it to a friend anonymously.

Boredom can pave the way for creativity~

Ah thank you I’ll try this! I like simple ideas like this. I’ve been doing crosswords for years but find them painfully repetitive at this point.

I found a few hobbies to fill my time with. Art is a big one! Immersing myself in nature or my surroundings and being inspired to draw or sketch. Inspiration is everywhere :smiley: I also got into other creative things like miniature building/fairy gardens, sewing, crafting, etc. Creativity is a great way to combat boredom!

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