Class issues PTSD

So I’m in class so I put music on because i’m writing a letter of request to a to the campus to give me permission to apply for Advance Baking program and I need to force so music usually help me block anyone out so I can force the teacher was saying something and i didn’t notice so he touched me on the shoulder to get my attention and I screamed then he made a joke “did you pee your pants” so I asked to go the bathroom so I can calm down then I want on break because the bell ring then i want to the teacher and said “i’m sorry for my reaction and explain that because of my past is I reaction like that” he like it’s ok and that if he know that he wouldn’t do that

now i feel like shit and don’t wanna be touched at all right now and i’m shaking trying calm down

Hey @Jaceofspade, it’s okay. Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. You keep trying, and you’re strong. Stronger than you know.
Just take breaths and focus on something familiar you love.
Hold fast friend <3 you’re not alone

Thank you

He just did it again he didn’t touch me this time but he just stand near me and hit the desk yet again I scream GRRR i’m so jumpy right now

Hey friend!

Don’t blame yourself for what happened to you or the fact that you have trauma because of it, that’s not your fault.

Hold fast friend, we support you!

Sam S.

I have PTSD too. I can’t let most men touch or be physically close to me or I feel threatened and unsafe, I get upset about it. I get it, it’s a tough one. But what happened to you wasn’t your fault, and you’re living with the effects of someonewho should have been good to you and failed. And I’m so sorry you experiencing trauma. Dont be ashamed for what you need. The true caring people will do what they can to help. Remember to give yourself grace. If a friend is hurting like you, wouldn’t you want to be gentle to them? You’re just as much of a treasure as they are so remember to be gentle with you too! I hope it gets better and I hope the pain eases soon. We love you for who you are no matter what! Please vent here any time you need to!